Which roller shutter or sectional door is best for my company?

roller shutter or sectional door

The physical security of a room is an absolute priority for any company, and specialists must take into account the advantages of the various secured doors before deciding on installation. When you are looking for an application that offers a high level of safety, it is often a question of choosing between a roller shutter or a sectional door, which offers many advantages.

The advantages of a roller shutter

The advantages of a roller shutter differ depending on the model installed, but standard roller shutters offer a high level of safety and are designed for frequent use. This makes them well suited for use in high traffic areas during operating hours, but requires strong security when not in use.

Roller shutters can be specified to provide additional benefits, with fire dampers providing up to 4 hours of fire integrity, and thermally insulated dampers preventing air loss from temperature controlled areas and helping to minimize noise pollution.

The advantages of a sectional door

Sectional doors function in the same way as roller shutters and are stored above them when opened, with models such as the door being designed with a curved overhead slide to accommodate the reduced overhead costs of the room.

The doors offer high weather resistance, with joints around the outer edges and intermediate panels. These seals also help control internal temperature, making the model incredibly well suited to areas in rooms that require controlled climates.

With the option of transparent window panels that provide clear visibility, the doors are regularly used in fire stations, emergency service vehicle storage facilities and distribution warehouses.

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