Use USB sticks while ensuring the security of company data

USB sticks

Because of their practicality, USB sticks remain very useful storage tools for businesses and professionals. However, these removable storage media are also a source of various problems, particularly in relation to IT security. It should be noted, however, that banning these devices from the workplace will cause the company to lose the considerable benefits they provide. Solutions exist then, allowing to use them while avoiding the leak or the loss of the sensitive data of the company.

The USB flash drive: an essential tool for most companies

Current trends and practices mean that the majority of companies prefer to avoid categorically prohibiting any use of these external storage devices by their employees. Moreover, the USB key personalized with the image and brand of the company has become a fashionable corporate gift. It is then offered by the company to its employees for their personal or professional use. But beyond a simple communication vehicle, the USB keys used within the company generally allow a gain in productivity.

For example, these storage devices are very useful for facilitating a presentation. They also offer employees the opportunity to work, on certain occasions, from home. Moreover, today’s professionals are becoming more and more nomadic. Thus, except for certain services in which highly sensitive data is processed, many companies refrain from opting for extreme approaches such as disabling physical ports, or depriving any employee of the use of these storage tools. They prefer to open up to other solutions…

Protect information while allowing employees to use removable devices

Any company authorizing the professional use of USB sticks by its employees must prioritize the security of its information, especially confidential information. To do this, it must first determine whether it would benefit from a total ban on all removable storage media at a particular terminal access point. Thereafter, it will think of solutions to secure its data for which removable devices can come into play.

Here are some of the most important:

Implementation of access control systems – Currently, there are software programs that provide the ability to centrally manage user access rights to computer ports and other local connections between computer tools. Thus, the company’s IT security manager will be able to determine from an administration console who will have access to which port, on which computer, and during which hours of the day. This software even makes it possible to define the data that can be transferred, to copy them automatically to a database (in order to avoid losing them), while ensuring the traceability of transfers.

Encryption – Encryption is an effective solution designed to protect access to information on USB keys by unauthorized users. Thanks to encryption (also known as “encryption”), they cannot read data from storage media. Encryption can be done by installing a program installed on the device. There is also a solution that uses a special chip to access the removable device information. There is even biometric encryption, allowing access only by fingerprint identification.

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