How to proceed for a home support of the seniors?


At an older age, some people need help to continue living alone at home while being safe. They wish to maintain their comfort of life without putting themselves in danger. Therefore, these seniors will need both material and human help. The placement of elderly people in retirement homes can upset their daily lives. Home support has the advantage of maintaining the reference points and habits of seniors. However, all necessary aid should be taken into account. How should this be done?

Redesigning your interior: precious material help!

To keep elderly people at home, all necessary precautions and safety measures must be taken to provide the elderly with good autonomy and a comfortable daily life. The idea is to prevent any type of accident that could occur and cause falls, violent shocks, loss of consciousness, heart problems… To do this, it is necessary to make certain modifications on the inside of the housing. We have to start with the stairs. It would be wise to install anti-slip strips on the steps. For people who can invest even more, installing a stairlift would be a great idea.

The bathroom is among the rooms that must undergo certain changes to offer a certain comfort and more security to the senior. A folding seat in the shower is a good idea to allow the elderly person to rest in case of sudden fatigue. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room are not to be excluded from the redevelopment work to be done.

The human contribution: a professional intervention

In addition to the refurbishment carried out in the senior citizen’s home, it is advisable to call upon some professionals to facilitate the daily life of the senior citizen. Home help is very versatile. It includes cleaning, shopping, linen…. In the event of health problems, it is advisable to call upon professionals in the field. We must not forget, the carrying of meals as well as administrative assistance. You can recruit the right profiles for each type of activity based on CVs. The objective of human help is to guarantee a certain comfort in everyday life as well as autonomy for the elderly person.

Teleassistance for secure home support

Teleassistance services are both material and human help. They make it possible to secure the seniors living alone at home. In the event of an emergency, remote assistance solutions ensure that the elderly are in contact with an agent at the monitoring center who is responsible for providing the necessary assistance and contacting people close to the elderly person. The teleassistance device takes the form of a bracelet for the elderly, a necklace or a watch. These accessories include an alarm button that the senior can press if necessary. For example, if it is a fall, the problem is quickly handled by the teleassist tray. The purpose of this type of solution is to enable older people to seek help from a team of specialists at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These teleassistance solutions not only make it possible to secure the seniors who live alone but also delay the age at which they can be placed in a retirement home, but also to reassure those around them. Indeed, the relatives of the senior are always worried about the state of health of their relative. By calling on a professional, they can benefit from a device capable of helping the senior to ask for help in case of need.

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