Why you should be interested in marketing automation?

Marketing Automation

Automation of the most time-consuming marketing tasks: marketing campaign, e-mailing, delivery of information according to target actions. How does this new tool work? Does it really optimize the working time of professionals?

Understanding Marketing Automation


An email marketing is sent regularly to a list of contacts (newsletter) or to inform them of a specific event (destocking, sales…). Sending it and managing its returns requires human action. On the contrary, marketing automation is complex software, on which scenarios, also called workflows, will be programmed.

These scenarios are based on an in-depth study of customer behavior, and make it possible to manage 75% of it electronically.

Concrete example

The abandonment of a filled basket before payment triggers the automatic sending of an email containing information relevant to the customer: free delivery, conditions and guarantees of return…

Continuation of scenario :

The client returns, mission accomplished. Why not schedule a 20% discount on his next order. He’s still not back. Sending an email alert to the customer as soon as one of the items in the basket is on sale.

Transmitting content adapted to a client’s assiduity is called lead nurturing. Lead scoring is the attendance score obtained by the customer (site traffic, purchases, visits, etc.).

Interests of such an investment

These repetitive tasks represent an enormous wage cost for an SME. This type of automation saves a huge amount of time and money.

A marketing campaign must be closely monitored, and constantly readjusted according to the results obtained. This software facilitates all these checks, and allows a real-time monitoring of its ROI.

Concentrate your best sales people on more strategic activities: the discharge of these administrative tasks will optimise their working time.

Each action of each client will be recorded and quantified. A classification of your most active customers will be established, and segmented into several listings: the management of your mail database will thus be automated. In addition to being practical for the commercial, this process aims to strengthen the link with the customers. Their actions allow the software to identify their free time. It is during this time that emails will be sent (minimize deletions) and providing an appropriate response to each person.

Who uses this method?

Very expensive software reserved until now for large companies, the market is beginning to adapt to its customers and offer cheaper solutions. Platforms, equivalent to a rental, offer trial periods to skeptical companies, or allow automation to be used on an ad hoc basis.

A growing number of SMEs are using automation marketing, which will become a key player in tomorrow’s marketing. Every company tries to be more visible than its competitor. This requires the personalization of contacts on a large scale, which is impossible without IT.

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