Volume recruitment: the three challenges for professionals

Volume recruitment

Unlike traditional recruitment, a volume hiring strategy involves a particular approach on the part of professionals. On the one hand, they must take into account the new challenges of the labour market and the famous “war for talent”. Not forgetting the expectations of young people, who make up a large part of the working population. On the other hand, the situation of the company is absolutely to be taken into consideration. Budget, recruitment methods to be applied, the need to use a consultant, various essential elements need to be reviewed. According to recruitment experts, here are the three main challenges to be met.

Targeting native digitals

Generation Y is a special segment of the population. These young talents have a certain affinity with digital transformation. They have seen it become the defining trend in all areas. Native digitals have an innovative perception of work. In addition to their skills, they have some totally new values compared to those of the previous generation. These include, among others, their strong autonomy, their ability to handle technological media easily or their strong ability to adapt to any situation.

For companies, attracting and retaining the attention of these talents is a real challenge. With a view to mass recruitment, professionals must be able to offer relevant content for their job offers. They will need to stand out from the competition by knowing how to put forward the employer image. The support of a recruitment firm in volume will already be of great help at this level.

Implement an effective sourcing strategy

Sourcing in recruitment is a fairly recent practice although it is based on the principles of traditional selection techniques. The method consists of identifying and searching for potential candidates by sorting and analysing profiles. To do this, recruiters use all available sources of information, including CV libraries, job boards and social networks. One can easily understand the importance of such an approach in a volume recruitment strategy.

The challenge for professionals will be to find the right systems to exploit all existing data sources. If they manage to adopt the right technique, they will have an advantage over the competition. Sourcing, it should be remembered, saves time in the processing of applications, but also to carry out a pre-selection work with precision. It also helps recruiters to be proactive in considering passive profiles. This approach will also be used to enrich the company’s recruitment database.

Controlling recruitment costs

Any recruitment project will generate expenses (however small they may be). Indeed, with the free use of social networks and some jobboards, professionals tend to believe that costs will be greatly reduced. However, if they wish to put an innovative strategy into practice, recruiters will have to use more appropriate tools and methods. Budget control will then be required.

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