Leverage video content to optimize marketing

video marketing

Video content, if properly produced and distributed, is a particularly effective means of visual communication. Many companies have already understood the principle and are using them to improve their communication with the public and consumers.

Corporate films have evolved a lot

Corporate films are also called corporate films, corporate videos, institutional films. In their early days, their design was imperfect so they were particularly boring.

Over the years, specialized communications agencies continue to innovate to make corporate videos masterpieces worthy of the film industry. The best productions are presented at the Festival de Films & Companies in La Baule. Indeed, videos are now created to be more dynamic and more aesthetic, information is carefully managed so that the message is transmitted in an optimal way. Moreover, the scripts are revisited to adapt more to the expectations of the recipients. The descriptive aspect is abandoned for the narrative aspect to better capture and retain attention.

More and more efficient means of dissemination

The company film was often shown on the company’s own premises, in reception halls and rooms, in order to make visitors wait. Some companies did not hesitate to use television channels to broadcast their own for advertising purposes.

Nowadays, technological innovations in the field of digital and communication, but also the Internet, have made it possible to significantly improve the means of dissemination. The films are widely distributed on social networks, including YouTube, Vimeo and Tumblr. In addition, video formats are designed to accommodate different types of channels and can be played on various web-connected terminals.

Short films for marketing purposes

Corporate film can be designed for various reasons: advertising, information and marketing. Their distribution on the companies’ websites or on social networks aims to make themselves known and promote their image to consumers, customers, prospects and their partners.

Nevertheless, it is its impact on marketing that is most palpable. The conversion rate of prospects into customers thanks to corporate video is 80%, not negligible proof of the effectiveness of the formula. The videos explaining the products or services offered by the company are the most profitable. According to the results of a study, nearly three quarters of users are influenced by these small films in their purchasing decision.

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