How to write a good blog article?

How to write a good blog article

Writing a blog article is a rather delicate thing unless you master the following techniques.

Choose a good title

The title is the way to capture the reader’s attention. We must therefore try to treat it. The title should reflect the content of your article. It must be explicit yet short. In short, be concise and precise. In order to titillate the spirit of the target audience, choose the questioning form for your title. It should arouse the reader’s curiosity. Also make sure the title is visible. For that, use a character different from that of the contents, do not hesitate to put it in bold or italic.

Take care of the introduction

Once the reader is attracted to the title, the introduction is the deciding point where they choose whether or not to continue reading your article. The introduction must then be catchy. For that, you have to go straight to the point, as for the title, be concise and precise. The easiest way to write an introduction is to refer to Lasswell’s 5W (Who? What? When? Where? Why?). The introduction should not contain only the essential elements for understanding the text. Do not spread out on a subject. It is also advisable to put the introduction in bold or italics to highlight it.

Use the inverted pyramid

The Internet user often rushes into his reading. So he doesn’t have time to read a whole paragraph. That’s why you have to use the inverted pyramid and put the important ideas at the beginning of the paragraph so that the reader can read them. Indeed, it is one of the essential rules to respect in the field of offshore web writing.

Identify the interest of your target audiences

In order to retain your readers, customize the information according to their expectations. Talk to your readers. Distinguish the worlds of each target audience. Why not create sub domains for each category (ex: professional and general public).

Pay attention to the background and shape of your article

As we have already said, the Internet user often rushes into reading. It is essential to be concise and precise throughout the text. The web editor must use short paragraphs. Watch out for spelling mistakes! Reread your text at the end of the essay to check for errors, but also to try to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. When reading, do not refer to any particular type of player.

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