How to make your teams progress

Team building organization

If a manager misses the role of progressing and building his team in competence, it is because he misses the essential role of the manager. If we don’t discover our own shortcomings as managers ourselves, and if we don’t make sure we correct them by lying about the skills of our reactors, we lose out in customer relationship management baths because behind all this, it’s the customer that counts.

For a good commercial management, you must have three things less in mind:

Take ownership of the role of progressing your team

We must be absolutely convinced that we have the role to develop the competences of our company as well as of our collaborators and this is particularly essential especially in the commercial field. We still find sales managers who think this is not their responsibility. We have to be obsessed with that and be sure that it is our role to do it and then it goes hand in hand with a form of generosity that we must have to be present every day to reinforce again and again the skills of its sales people.

Exercise the quality of your diagnosis

To make your salespeople progress, you need a precise diagnosis. The business is more and more complicated and the approximations in terms of diagnosis near the centers of council are expensive; therefore it is necessary to know how to exercise its glance to be able to find the right competence to develop at the good time and in the good context of sale.

Knowing how to set a course

Making people progress is sometimes surprising and it can provoke resistance. When we begin to implement certain practices, we may encounter several reactions that are more negative than positive. You have to know how to overcome these resistances and say to yourself that at the end of the year your team would have progressed, the results will be better, and that you would have done a little more your job than the previous year. You have to remember that the best always do what others don’t have the time to do.

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