How to choose the best clothing manufacturer


Making your clothing collection is one of the crucial points in launching a brand or collection. Determining the quality of the items to be put up for sale, this choice should not be taken lightly. There are two ways of making clothing. In what follows, we will zoom on these options to know which to choose.


In this case, the subcontracting is done from the purchase of the fabrics through the sourcing agency working for the clothing manufacturer. Thus, according to your criteria, it will look for the appropriate fabrics and this by weighing the quality/price ratio to your advantage. With an extensive network of suppliers, he can only satisfy you by choosing the most suitable materials for your model. Acting as a textile designer, he can also advise for a rendering more in line with your expectations. This will save you time and ensure quality assurance throughout the production process. Indeed, as a true professional, he will know at best the type and quality of materials appropriate to your model. In addition, ensuring this shutter until the end, it will even be able to help in the printing on fabric if need be. Once the fabrics have been found, he will cut and sew following the supplied and imposed patterns. Many garment manufacturing companies choose this type of global service to meet customer orders.


In the exclusive formula, the clothing manufacturer will only subcontract the cutting and sewing of the garments in accordance with the supplied patterns and specifications. The customer will be responsible for giving him the patterns ranked according to the required sizes. It will also provide the fabrics on which the manufacturer will work with a detailed specification for all that is technical realization. With this option, the customer can easily choose the fabrics at will and convenience. However, it is not advisable to venture into this research if you are not a connoisseur. Indeed, this requires a minimum of knowledge in textiles since each fabric has its characteristics, each model has its requirements in materials.


Based on a previously established business plan, it is necessary to quantify and budget its production, also over time. Care must be taken to establish your needs in terms of the quantity of clothing to be put up for sale over time. They must be valued in terms of production costs in order to be able to compare them with garment manufacturers’ offers.

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