How to become popular on the web?


Getting your website listed in search engines can sometimes be a monumental task in itself, here are my top ten tips to help you get started.

1. Page title

Forget using’Welcome to my website’ as the title of your page, if you really want to attract target media, specify your keywords and list your product keywords separated by a | (Hold down Shift key + backslash) (e.g.: Digital cameras | Video cameras) will increase the strength of your chosen keywords, in this case digital and video cameras.

2. Choose and optimize the name of your pages

Instead of naming your pages with names like products.htm or about-us.php, why not add some weight to your website and help the search engine to distinguish in the multitude of pages that are interesting because of their content with generic names and still use your keywords in your file names.

3. ALT tags used by engines to identify and reference your images

Again keywords play a huge role in designing your site and another area to include these words is in your image tags “ALT”. By inserting your keywords you allow the engines to know what your image corresponds to and to index it to display it when one will make a research on this keyword. Attention, Google is able to determine if the keyword corresponds to the image and in case of cheating, you risk a penalty. The image referencing is also a way to become popular on the web. think about it!!!

4. Header tags, title tag, description, keywords

Going back to the title of your page, there is no point in making the title “Welcome to my website”. By using keywords to highlight your products and services you help search engines and Internet users know what they will find on your site.

5. Bold text, choose the most relevant keywords

You have something to say, say it in bold, it tells the engines that this text is important and that it is strongly related to your content and your keywords and that it must be taken into account. however, don’t overdo it, usually for a text of 500 words you only have to relate the keywords to this page. You can include other keywords that concern other pages and create a link to them. Here also do not abuse too much…

6. Keywords

Some say that they are no longer so important for getting results in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages), but using them properly can add to the overall efficiency of your sites a better support not engines. Focus on 3 or 4 key phrases (e.g. “Custom Website Design” or “Website Design” for website designers) and make sure they are used in the first and last paragraph of your home page.

7. Google Toolbar

Not only does a Google Toolbar search tool display each Page Rank site according to Google on its popularity and presence on the web.

8. Alexa Toolbar

Download the Alexa toolbar from Amazon and sign up for their affiliate program, the toolbar is an essential tool to assess the popularity and results of how your website ranks in www.

9. RSS Feed

Do you want to increase traffic? Consider starting an RSS feed on your website with important news about your company and the profession you have chosen, then linking it to your articles.

10. Writing articles

Article Writing is another way to promote your site with useful information for others and with links to your site. This is the technique most used by SEO professionals because it is also the links that search engines and Google appreciate the most.

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