E-recruitment sites are experiencing a peak of activity

E-recruitment sites

With the progress of digital technology, online recruitment has grown considerably in just a few years, to mention only the tens of thousands of job offers and requests recorded daily. If it used to take hours to consult the various profiles proposed by the Yellow Pages, this operation has been greatly simplified thanks in particular to the effervescence of e-recruitment platforms.

An interesting solution for freelance assignments

The use of web technologies (specialized sites, social networks…) is more and more frequent both among companies in their recruitment campaigns and among applicants who see it as an effective and fast way to find attractive offers. An essential meeting place between companies looking for new employees and service providers looking for new assignments, these platforms dedicated to IT freelancers represent a real revolution in the recruitment field.

Moreover, Internet users benefit from multiple advantages by registering on these information exchange and sharing platforms. For recruiters, e-recruitment is fast and less expensive with the possibility of reaching a wider audience and therefore more numerous and relevant applications.

This approach also saves considerable time by eliminating the various recruitment procedures such as writing and publishing job offers and collecting and sorting applications. In addition, some sites even offer recruiters the possibility of integrating additional questions such as questionnaires and surveys in order to collect as much data as possible that will greatly facilitate their choice when making decisions.

Candidates will have easy access to a wealth of information about the companies they wish to apply to. Social networks (Linkedin, Viadeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and online tools such as Skype also save time and visibility, but also make it possible to organise remote interviews with recruiters efficiently.

However, the very tough competition on the job market pushes each candidate to surpass himself in order to put all the chances on his side. To do this, it is important to take care of the presentation and the portfolio. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to convince to be able to stand out from the mass. Anyone who manages to get the recruiter’s full attention will have an advantage in this job race.

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