How to choose your float tube?


In recent years, our waterways have seen fishermen sitting on “giant buoys”. These funny boats are called float-tubes, it is a means of transport on the water halfway between a semi-rigid tender (Zodiac type) and a buoy. In this article, we will present this new tool that can completely transform your fishing results…

Why fish with a float tube?

First of all, let us recall the destination usage. The float-tube is mainly used by predator fishermen with decoys. We understand by carnivores: pike, perch, pike-perch, black bass and catfish. However, some carp fishermen also try the float-tube in order to deposit their lines precisely on specific stations.

The float-tube principle is to fish sitting on a floating seat while sailing with a pair of fins. For the lure fisherman, the objectives of the float-tube are numerous:

Enable enthusiasts to fish for positions inaccessible from the shore
Fishing the accessible stations of the bank from an opposite angle in order to optimize the throws and thus the results

  • Make drifts on marked items
  • Bring a lot of gear (complicated when fishing on foot)
  • Fishing an area rigorously by painting it from all angles
  • Fighting big fish
  • Experience amazing emotions on the water

Which float-tube is right for you?

The float-tube generally consists of two V-shaped tubes. Quick to inflate, they offer the possibility to store in a car boot and be ready for use after only a few minutes of inflation. The shape and size of the float-tube flanges determine its stability. These boots are completed by a seat consisting of a seat and a backrest. Overall, you have two choices: an inflatable seat or a foam seat. The inflatable being the least expensive and the foam one the most comfortable. Puddles and seat represent the bulk of your float-tube, they are the priority elements and as such, they must be considered with importance when purchasing. The criteria to be taken into consideration are as follows:

  • The shape and size of the boots that define handling, speed and weight resistance (depending on your size)
  • The solidity of the fabric in order to minimize the risks of punctures
  • The comfort and adjustments of the seat (seat and back) for maximum pleasure on the water, especially for enthusiasts who fish for whole days

Beyond these criteria, numerous accessories complete the float-tubes in order to make them more practical and more efficient. We find accessories for rods, echo sounders, lures storage, landing nets… These products will customize your float-tube over time.

Don’t forget either that it is essential to equip yourself with a pair of waders as well as a pair of quality fins to enjoy your boat in good conditions. Special mention to the attention that you must pay to the choice of your fins, they define indeed in large part your ability to maneuver with ease and ease without tiring yourself to excess.

Finally, let us talk about tariffs. Most float-tubes are priced between 100 and 700 euros. From the uncomfortable but accessible float-tube to the extremely comfortable but as expensive float-tube as a 3 metre tyre, there is something for every taste and especially for every purse!

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