How to be well equipped to learn kitesurfing


Water sport in vogue for a few years, kitesurfing is a nautical activity that mixes sliding and aerobatics. With the effect of the wind, you can very quickly gain speed on the water and make jumps several meters high.

Start kitesurfing

Water sport in fashion for many years, kitesurfing is an activity that can be practiced at sea or on a lake at any age. Combining water and wind control, kitesurfing is a very complete sport. That is why it is necessary to take courses to begin. The first lessons allow the practitioner to apprehend the kitesurfing wing then the board, the alliance of the two is essential. After having mastered these two elements you can go in the water with all the equipment. Then, if you want to practice this discipline more often, you can either rent or buy your equipment from a professional. Some specialized stores will offer you special kitesurfing packs, this will allow you to have a quality equipment with a more advantageous price.

Kitesurfing equipment

As mentioned earlier, kitesurfing requires a minimum of equipment. Indeed, this practice requires several equipment such as :

  • A special kitesurf board.
  • A wing
  • A bar
  • Pads and straps

Acquiring kiteboarding equipment can be expensive. A kiteboard can cost from 300 dollar to more than 2000 dollar. The price difference will be on the brand, the composition of the board, its design, its shape,… About the wing, it is a bit the same if you want to have good equipment you will have to invest a certain amount. If you are a beginner, it is not necessary to buy high level equipment. The more technical the equipment, the more “difficult” it will be to master. If you are thinking of competing, you can possibly buy high quality equipment. A kitesurfing bar is kind of your rudder. This will be attached to your harness and wing. Count minimum 350 dollar to have a basic bar and 650 dollar for a more technical bar. As for the pads and straps, this corresponds to the support that will not allow you to lose your board along the way. You will find between 100 and 250 dollar.
Another important element in this practice is the combination. Depending on where you practice, you will need a thicker or thinner combination. The standard is 3mm for temperate waters. If you kiteboard in colder waters, you will need a combination of 5 to 7mm. The combination will allow you to withstand temperature variations.

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