Why install aluminium windows?


A real added value for your property, the aluminium window has become an essential part of the construction industry! Far from being a fashion phenomenon, it seduces both by its design and its incomparable insulation qualities! Discover the 4 good reasons to install aluminium windows in your home!

Aluminium windows: outstanding insulation

The success of good thermal insulation is based on the complementarity of two key factors: windows and structure. You must therefore choose the right material for your windows! Why is aluminium so popular? Thanks to its incredible insulating properties! Indeed, aluminium windows are equipped with a thermal bridge break system. Investing in aluminium windows means investing in the thermal insulation of your home. This will allow you to significantly reduce your electricity and air conditioning bills while helping to protect the environment. It is therefore a very profitable investment over the long term. Thanks to your aluminium windows, you will also benefit from better sound insulation!

Aluminium: an incomparable design

In addition to its proven thermal properties, aluminum is THE material at the forefront of fashion and design since your aluminum windows can be treated in any color and are therefore infinitely customizable to meet all your decorative needs! When they are made to measure, you can choose them in any shape and size and with all the openings you want: French style with two leaves, swinging or sliding and even single leaf, etc.

A favorite material of architects and designers, aluminium brings a touch of modernity to any old building without distorting it and will offer any type of construction a modern, refined and design touch. Investing in aluminium windows will give your property a real added value!

A resistant and durable window

Aluminium windows are powder-coated on their surface. This means that a polyester powder is sprayed and then the window is baked in the oven. This process lasts as long as the window gives it a higher strength and durability than other materials. The aluminium window is completely insensitive to climatic aggression such as rain, wind, hail, sun or snow. Your aluminium window will retain all its insulation and design qualities over the years.

Easy maintenance!

The real plus of the aluminium window? It requires no special maintenance! No more glazing your wooden windows, no more rustproofing your steel windows, your aluminium window only needs one thing: a little sponge once or twice a year with a little soap to restore its full brilliance!

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