What type of pool to choose?


A swimming pool is a real added value to any garden. To choose yours well, it is necessary to take into account various elements: the available space, the maximum budget, the aestheticism, the works to be carried out, etc. To help you learn more and determine which is best suited to your needs and desires, here is an overview of the different types of pools

Inflatable pool

This is the most economical and easiest choice to install. Simply inflate the pool and fill it with water. For the water level, look at the manual or ask the seller/swimming pool specialist for advice. This does not mean that you should not prepare the ground: in fact, the ground must be flat and free of stones or objects that could affect the impermeability of your pool. The inflatable pool is ideal for impatient people and especially children.

Above ground and kit pool

The above ground pool kit is easy and quick to install as it is delivered with all the necessary assembly. You can install it yourself without the help of a swimming pool specialist, even if his advice may be strongly necessary.

Design and elegant, the above ground and kit pool can be in wood or steel. Its size is variable and different shapes are available: square, round, hexagonal, rectangular…. This pool adapts to all types of terrain, even the smallest. It is also less expensive than an in-ground swimming pool, because it does not require a safety device (safety barriers, tarpaulins, alarms…).

Inground pool

The buried swimming pool is, without a doubt, the most appreciated of all. It blends aesthetically with every type of exterior. The choice of its shape can be very original (round, oval, etc.) and the space of your land is perfectly optimized. It requires, however, a security device. And its installation is more expensive and requires the intervention of a specialist in the field.

There are several types of in-ground pools:

the concrete pool: durable and of quality. Composed of concrete and a slab, this pool is then covered with plaster or liner to waterproof the pool. She’s very resistant!

The pool shell is also solid because it is often made of polyester. Its installation is faster but the ground must be prepared carefully to avoid any deformation of the hull once under pressure.
Semi-embedded swimming pool

If you are too hesitant between buried and above ground models, you can opt for the semi-embedded pool. This is a good compromise. Requiring a budget much less than the purchase of an inground pool, it is, in addition, aesthetic and fits very well in a garden. It also offers better safety for children. However, its installation can sometimes be complex. Professional intervention is strongly recommended.

Call in a professional?

The pisciniste controls all the steps of installation or construction of a swimming pool: analysis of the ground, earthwork, creation of drainage, installation of filters, covering, connection, backfilling, installation of curbs and finishes.

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