The tutor tie: the accessory for multiple uses

tutor tie

Whether it is a matter of gathering the branches of a shrub together, keeping your plants straight or tying your tutor by a double loop system, there are many situations where the Garden and Seasons tutor is a practical accessory that you will not be able to do without so quickly as it is multifunctional!

What is a tutor tie?

The tutor clamp is the ideal accessory for gardeners and other budding handymen! And if you don’t know this trick yet, here are all the reasons that will make this Garden and Seasons product one of your essentials.

Made of polyethylene plastic, the stake is an indispensable aid for your flowers, shrubs and any other climbing plants in your outdoor yard. The tying device is in the form of a binding roller that is flexible but also very resistant, especially against frost, and therefore durable over time.

The stapler is available in two lengths, 25 or 50 metres, to best suit your needs. You want a precise and very particular length? No problem at all! The stake clamp can be cut very easily and without tools. To do this, simply turn the last plastic mesh on itself and adjust in this way to the length that suits you best to stake your plants.

The tutor tie, a clever tool

Made in France, this product of excellent quality is practical, modular, and above all reusable! But the tutor tie, how exactly does it work? Little point on the use of this article available on the catalogue of Garden and Seasons.

Designed for a versatile use, the tying device is a system by which the tying roller can be fixed on the tying device itself. After you have wrapped the stake and stem of the plant with this accessory, simply insert the end into one of the holes, then tighten it all together before making a simple rotation of a quarter turn that will block the whole.

With its small mechanism as intuitive as it is practical, the tutor clamp can be used in many ways. Perfectly suited for gardening your flowers, vegetable feet or any other climbing or non-climbing plants, the tutor tie also fits perfectly in your DIY activities. Hanging your extension cords or even gathering wires together will only take a few moments with this device.

Choose the advice and expertise available to the team at the Jardin et Saisons site for over 30 years to get your tutor without delay with complete confidence and benefit from a French-made product guaranteed for 1 year!

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