The basic rules for a successful outdoor layout

Just like the living room or dining room, the garden is considered a real living room. Having a beautiful green space has significant advantages. How to design your garden properly? Which plants to choose? What style to give it? Here are our tips to make your project a success.

The preliminary steps:

Define the needs and desired style

Before designing your garden, you must first define your desires, your requirements, your needs and the style you want to give to your space.

Establish a plan

To achieve a successful outdoor layout, drawing up a plan is one of the steps not to be taken lightly. In addition to avoiding mistakes, you will be able to complete the work faster. You will also save money by buying only what you need. You will have the opportunity to carry out an inventory of the situation: strong and weak points of the land, nature of the soil…

The work to do:

Setting the Stage

Preparing the ground is an essential and essential step for a successful garden design. Only after this phase can you begin to create a pleasant landscape. This will involve mowing and watering the lawn, trimming hedges and shrubs. It is also important to clean water points (swimming pool, fountain, etc.).

Choose the right plants

Once the ground preparation is done, you can now choose your plants. This depends, among other things, on your wishes and the style of furnishing you want. In addition, it will be necessary to take into account the types, colors and particularities of each plant. Then, you must list them and classify them by categories (shrubs, flowers, perennials…) to avoid duplication, waste of time and money.

Arrange your plants well

It is important to properly structure your green space. For this purpose, it would be better to place small plants of 80 cm or less on paths and terraces. Trees, shrubs and other tall plants may be placed at the ends of the garden or at least on open areas.

The aim is to decorate the exteriors without cluttering it up. In addition, the plants on the same flowerbed are, most of the time, arranged according to their height s (the smallest in the front, the middle and the largest behind). It is a way to revitalize the plantation and enjoy beautiful floral arrangements.

Choose an original lounge

The choice of garden furniture is also one of the elements that contribute to the success of your landscaping. This is where you will relax, welcome people and enjoy the good weather. To do this, you must take into account the space available, the style of your garden, etc. In addition, you can also make your own garden furniture. All you have to do is assemble several wooden pallets together and place a few cushions on them.

Light it up well

Don’t forget to light up your exterior so that it is as pleasant to look at during the day as it is at night. If you want a modern and contemporary look, it is best to opt for built-in spots. On the other hand, if you like the country and romantic style, we recommend street lamps.

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