How to set up a small living room?

How to set up a small living room

Fitting out and decorating a living room is not always easy. These tasks can become more complicated when we have only a small surface area for various elements at once: a dining table, an open kitchen or even a bedroom (for small studios). In this article, we advise you and give you some tips to arrange your living room.

The choice of rooms that will compose your living room

Choosing the right furniture

The choice of furniture is an important step in the successful design of a small living room. It is essential to choose a sofa that fits perfectly into the structures of your room. You can choose a corner sofa, an armchair or small sofas.

For other furniture, multiply minimalist models with multiple storage spaces. In addition, it is advisable to bet on high storage spaces. This will not only save you space, but also, give cachet to your interior.

Choosing the right colours

The choice of colors is also a step not to neglect when you arrange a small space. Whether it is walls, floor, furniture or others, favour neutral colours (white, light grey, beige, etc.). This is important to lighten the room and give an impression of grandeur. On the other hand, do not hesitate to add some accessories of flashy, warm and screaming colors, provided that the whole is harmonious. For example, you can opt for a striped carpet to personalize your living room while giving length to the room.

Favour lighting

Lighting is a must for the layout of a small space. Indeed, a room looks bigger when it is well lit. Multiply the lighting to give volume to your living room and create ambiances.

The organization of space

De-clutter the room as much as possible

When you set up a small living room, it is essential to clear the room as much as possible. Get rid of things that are no longer useful to you and keep only what is strictly necessary. This will allow you to have a clearer vision of the potential of your room and to better arrange it without impeding traffic.

Playing the moderation card

When you arrange a reduced space, it is strongly recommended to play the card of moderation. Avoid, among other things, the accumulation of small things on the floor and walls such as photo frames. Although they do not block traffic, they shrink your room even more. The ideal is to accessorize the living room with some clearly visible accessories.

Several mistakes should also be avoided when you are planning a small living room: overload the room, orient the layout according to the location of the television… The ideal is always to arrange your living room according to your habits. So you can decorate your space with style, without neglecting the practical side. Many other decoration tips exist on the web. You will also be able to discover different styles of furnishing. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from it.

For work such as wall and floor covering, seek the services of a professional. He will know how to answer your requests and guarantee you a quality work.

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