How to choose a electric sander?

eccentric sander

The sander is a tool that every handyman should have in his toolbox. It is used to sand a surface, but also to strip and transform its appearance. This comparative sander article will help you to better choose the sander you need. There are several types of electric sanding machines, but each sanding job corresponds to a type of machine. For your choice, you must define your needs and the work for which you plan to use it.

The different types of electric sanders

The eccentric sander is more suitable for coarse work and its round top allows it to work on flat and curved surfaces. For this type of work, you can also choose the orbital model. The latter is an eccentric sander with a swash plate. The vibrating sanding unit is more suitable for finishing work. Its very light weight allows you to bring more precision in your work. There is also the belt sander that is used for rough sanding. It is distinguished by its power and its weight is still considerable. If you are going to sand several surfaces and different types of materials, it is advisable to use a multi-function sander that has an interchangeable sanding base. The wall model is the machine to take for vertical work.

To consider when purchasing

To optimize and facilitate your work, you must see the power of the sanding machine you choose. You will find models with less than 100 Watts and others that will have a power of 1 200 Watts. For the selection, you must refer to the work you plan to do: the finer and more meticulous the work, the less powerful and heavy the device is. The power of the machine can also be defined by the number of revolutions per minute. With power, you also have to check the speed. The ideal is to take a cheap electric sander with a device to adjust the speed. You can then adjust the speed according to the result you expect and the material you will be working on.

The suction option can also be decisive in your choice. The machine you choose should at least have a collecting bag to attach to the machine. If your budget allows it, opt directly for a machine that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner. When you have a wired device and another wireless model, you may also hesitate.

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