How the E14 LED bulbs work?

E14 LED bulbs

Since their appearance, LED light bulbs have been a success after success on the market. Very practical to limit energy consumption, they are among the most used bulbs for domestic lighting. Based on the operation of light-emitting diodes, LED lighting produces virtually no heat when used. These light-emitting diodes are able to produce light as soon as an electric current flows through them. Another advantage of LED bulbs is that they last much longer than other bulbs.

Why choose the E14 LED bulb?

An E14 LED bulb is easily recognized by its base, i.e. the metal part that fixes it in the socket and makes contact between the bulb and the power supply. Among the many fixing systems for the bases, the bayonet type and screw fixing are the most frequent. E14 LEDs are screwed bulbs. After having cut the electricity, it is necessary to screw the led lamp in the socket clockwise and the turn is played. In addition, it should be noted that its technology and the code indicating the specificities of its base are the elements that designate each bulb. The system of fixing a bulb is indicated by a letter whose B for the bulbs with bayonet and the letter E for the bulbs to screw. As for the diameter of the base, it is indicated by figures. You can then replace the lights with a 14mm diameter socket with E14 LED bulbs. E14 LED bulbs have a thinner base that is sometimes called a “miniature base”. You can use it to equip small lights, wall lights, lamps for refrigerators or kitchen hoods.

LED bulb E14 for domestic lighting

If you plan to replace your bulbs with E14 LED, you should not forget that the color of white LED lighting is obtained by a very precise wavelength measured in degrees Kelvin. The color of the light depends mainly on the temperature of the light: the lower it is, the warmer the hue will be. Between 2300 and 4500°K, you will obtain a warm white. When the light temperature is between 5000 and 6000°K, Day Light white is obtained and above 6000°K, the color changes to cold white.

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