Which server to choose? Dedicated Server vs Virtual Private Server

Which server to choose

At a point where you need a shared web hosting plan because your website is growing? You should choose between a dedicated server and a virtual private server (VPS) for hosting the latter. This choice is based on several criteria according to your needs and your budget. In this article, you will find an explanation of both types as well as the benefit(s) of dedicated servers and VPS server advantages.

Dedicated servers

For the moment, it is the server used by most of the big sites on Internet. By using this option, you are required to provide yourself with all the necessary hardware such as the computer and resources. These are not shared with other webmasters. This means that the power of all the elements (CPU, memory, hard disk space) are at your disposal. However, it should be noted that the price is quite high. In this context, you can count at least a hundred dollars. This way, this option is recommended only if the income and/or usefulness of your website are able to reward its price.

Advantage of dedicated servers

With a dedicated server, you have the ability to control your entire environment. Indeed, companies with dedicated IT staff enjoy all the privileges of owning their own equipment without the expense of purchase and maintenance. If you do not have an in-house IT department, you can request professional support from your hosting company at a small additional cost.

Virtual private servers

This option is mainly selected for lack of resources, i.e. the shared hosting package is no longer suitable for the resources requested by the site. In general, this problem occurs when you start counting more than 300 unique visitors per day on your website. This means that the bandwidth offered by this hosting package is also reduced. In this case, the performance of your site is equally impacted in a remarkable way. It is at this stage that moving the site to a VPS server is examined. The private virtual server acts as a separate machine.

Advantage of VPS

The most notable among the VPS server advantages is the reduced cost while customization and control are the same as a dedicated server. Plus, you use less hardware. You should know that the hard disk is shared with other clients but it has its own CPU and memory allocation. In this sense, the performance of your website is not compromised as long as the number of visitors to it remains at in the configuration of your VPS.

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