Test: Avatar Controls Smart Plug


WLAN sockets are fortunately becoming smaller and smaller. For a particularly narrow niche, I came across the small adapter plug from Avatar Controls*. The model is only slightly larger than a Schuko plug and offers an energy measurement function in addition to the switching via app and voice assistant. Optically identical devices are also available from Amazon under the brand names Feeleye* and AISIERER*.

New model Avatar Controls AWP07L

The Avatar AWP07L is delivered unspectacularly in a small cardboard box which contains the technical specifications as well as the QR code for the mobile apps and shows the individual functions at a glance. In addition to the smart socket, there is also a detailed installation manual in English with additional setup instructions for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. On the socket itself the technical data and the test seals are printed again. If you don’t have a smartphone or voice assistant at hand, you can also switch the device by pressing a button on the device. This has a pleasant pressure point and is illuminated blue as soon as the power socket is switched on. The maximum switching load of 2300 watts is somewhat lower than that of current competitor products. For the same price, a switching load of up to 3480 watts is already offered here. For the most common scenarios, however, the switching load of 2300 watts is absolutely sufficient.


  • Model: AWP07L
  • Input voltage: 110V – 240V
  • Maximum load: 10A / 2300 Watt
  • WLAN: 2.4GHz (no support for 5GHz)
  • Weight: 64g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 50x50x36mm (inserted visible part only), 50x50x73mm (incl. plug pins)
  • OS Support: IOS and Android

Installation via SmartLife App

The SmartLife app, which is available for both IOS and Android, is required to set up the socket. If you have not yet used the SmartLife app, you first have to create a user account and then log in. This is a prerequisite for use and will later be used to control with Google’s and Amazon’s language assistants. After logging in, you will be guided through the installation by an assistant, where each step is explained in detail. A picture gallery can be found in one of my past tests. After a few minutes the installation is finished and the power socket can now be switched via app. If desired, you can now also group the adapter plug directly with other sockets or create scenes, routines and timers. As a nice feature the socket offers a recording of the power consumption. The app can be used to read both the current power consumption and the consumption history. In the SmartLife app, in contrast to my existing power sockets, there is no button in the main menu to quickly switch it on and off. Whether the error comes from the socket or the app I can’t say. This will be shown in future firmware updates and app updates. Both Schuko and Euro plugs have a firm grip and could only be pulled out of the adapter by pulling it harder.

Both smart speakers supported

A corresponding skill or action is available for the two most common language assistants and thus the adapter plug can be controlled after successful activation both with Alexa and with Google Assistant on call. Personally I like Alexa better because it also allows to use routines across manufacturers. The Smarthome control within the Alexa app is also much more comfortable than Google’s smart assistant, so Alexa can e.g. recognize new devices by a simple voice command.

Consumption unfortunately above average

The power consumption is 0.6 watts in standby and when switched on, the adapter plug consumes an average of 1.0 watts when no loads are plugged in. The values are unfortunately slightly above average compared to my other Wlan sockets. As in the previous tests, the ELV Energy Master Basic 2* was used as the measuring device. An overview of the tested models can be found here.

Good Wlan socket with small weaknesses

With the smart adapter plug from Avatar Controls you get a very good small Wlan socket which works perfectly and which you could integrate into an existing “SmartLife” environment without any problems. However, savers should choose a model that has a slightly lower power consumption. I also noticed the heat development on the case when the avatar is plugged in and in use. Thereby the plug gets quite hot.


Easy installation

Compact design

Consumption display included

Stable servers

Alexa and Google Assist supported


Electricity consumption above average

Permanent internet connection required

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