Smart WLAN socket outlet with night light from Maxcio

Smart WLAN socket

If you are currently looking for smart WLAN sockets at Amazon, you will be struck dead by the number of offers. With such a huge selection, manufacturers have to stand out from their competitors in order to win over customers. Maxcio tries that with this model which offers 2 USB ports and a built-in night light in addition to the switchable socket. The test will show whether the W-DE004 stands out from the other models.

Night light and USB charging function

The smart socket outlet is delivered safely packed in a sturdy cardboard box. In addition to the socket, the box contains detailed installation instructions with additional installation aids for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Fortunately, the instructions are completely in German. The technical data and the various test seals are printed on the back of the socket. For manual operation there is a pressure switch on the upper side. On the underside there are two USB ports which can be used to charge a mobile phone or tablet. The two ports supply a total of 2.1A continuous current and cannot be switched. The operating LED and the semi-circular night light are located on the front panel.

Perfect integration in a SmartLife environment

The SmartLife app, which is popular with smart home users, is required to set up the socket and is available for both IOS and Android. If you already use smart plugs, you have probably already installed the app and can start right away. After the successful login you will be guided through the installation by an assistant where every step is explained in detail. Within a few minutes the installation is completed and the socket and the night light can be switched either together or separately. If desired, you can now also group the adapter plug directly with several already existing sockets or create scenes, routines and timers.

Google assistant

Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant

For both language assistants a corresponding skill or action from SmartLife or Tuya is also available. After successful activation the adapter plug can be controlled with Alexa as well as with Google Assistant on call. During the subsequent device search, a total of 3 new devices are detected. Socket, night light as well as the complete equipment. Thus all functions can be switched at any time individually. The Maxcio is currently still grouped in the Amazon and Google apps as a switch instead of a socket, but it can be operated by command without any problems. If desired, you can change the type manually to lamp so that all three devices have the same type. The color of the night light can’t yet be adjusted with the language assistant, only switching it on and off works so far. This setting has to be done by App first.

Consumption pleasingly low

The power consumption in standby is only 0.3 watts and when switched on, the adapter plug consumes an average of 0.8 watts. Thus, the adapter plug is quite economical in comparison and can leave some of its competitors behind. With the night light switched on (scene night), the consumption is 0.8 and 1.3 watts respectively. The measurements were carried out as before with the ELV EnergyMaster 2 Basic.

Maxcio Plug is convincing!

With the smart adapter plug from Maxcio you get a good and economical WLAN socket which you can easily integrate into an existing “SmartLife” environment. It does exactly what you expect from a “WLAN socket” and has as nice features a night light function as well as the two USB ports on board. Fortunately the own consumption is also quite economical which you should keep in mind with the amount of devices.

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