Online storage/cloud: a tool of modern times

Thanks to the development of the Internet network throughout the world, data sharing and processing has continued to develop and become more democratic. The Internet offers several accessibility advantages. Indeed, the different multimedia and communication devices tend towards a universalization of the system they use to communicate.

The result is a massive trend to make devices connected to each other and especially to the Internet. Another phenomenon caused by the development of the Internet network is the virtualization of different services. Like online storage/cloud, which represents a major evolution in the security, accessibility and preservation of computer data.

What is online storage or cloud?

The cloud is an online service offered by many professionals to enable data storage outside the physical memory of personal computers. Cloud services then make it possible to use the resources of the various computer servers without having to own them.

Online storage has become more democratic with the increase in Internet speed, which has encouraged the use of increasingly voluminous data. In particular, with regard to photos, videos and audio files. Clouds are accessible via an account that one subscribes with the various specialized sites. What’s interesting is that there are a number of free cloud services that offer the ability to secure your IT data without the need for physical media. Free online storage offers several gigabytes of memory, allowing free additional storage space, but also great freedom in choosing the size of files to store. Data stored in the cloud is accessible from any device with Internet access. Simply log into your account to access it from anywhere in the world.

The advantages of online storage/cloud

Online storage (cloud) services make it easier to preserve IT data. Data stored in the cloud cannot be lost, unlike data stored in physical media such as hard drives or USB sticks.

Indeed, physical data storage media can be lost, stolen or crash unlike the cloud. Clouds are also an efficient and practical solution to overcome the problems of lack of memory space on different devices.

Online storage offers the advantage of having more space to store your data in addition to physical memories. It is not uncommon to have to increase the size of a hard disk or buy a memory card for a smartphone due to a lack of storage space.

Clouds are an excellent alternative for freeing up memory on different devices or storing more data. Clouds allow, indeed, all types of files. Namely: photos, audio files, videos, text files…

Online storage services offer more or less large storage spaces depending on the different offers. This allows everyone to choose according to their criteria of use. Finally, online storage services can also be used as a working tool. Clouds not only prevent data loss and provide more storage volume opportunities, but also make data more accessible.

Many professionals use the cloud as a collaborative working tool. Online storage services make it easier to share computer data by simply managing the different accounts that have access to it.

As a result, different collaborators will be able to work together on the same project regardless of their location, provided they have an internet connection.

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