IFA 2018: Huawei presents its smart speaker AI Cube


Huawei took the opportunity of the IFA 2018 currently being held in Berlin to present his AI Cube smart speaker. Displaying a certain similarity with Google Home, this speaker under Alexa also makes a 4G router.

Richard YU, CEO of Huawei, told his conference at the IFA in Berlin: “With the introduction of the HUAWEI AI Cube, Huawei is expanding its ecosystem and strengthening its range of AI products. In passing and without any connection with the speaker, we can’t help but think of the famous SoC Kirin 980, which is precisely doped with artificial intelligence.

Huawei attacks the market for smart speakers with its AI Cube

The AI Cube speaker has only the name of the cube, because strangely enough, we find the cylindrical shape of the competition (Amazon Echo or Google Home for example). Who knows where this “Cube” comes from! The speaker runs under Alexa, probably to try to dethrone the market leader who is Amazon. Huawei’s CEO explained at the IFA 2018: “Combining Huawei’s cutting-edge technologies with those of Amazon Alexa, the HUAWEI AI Cube is a captivating device that will most certainly charm consumers.

As the AI Cube smart speaker is primarily dedicated to home automation or music listening, Huawei points out that its product integrates no less than 4 microphones at the bottom of the speaker before guaranteeing excellent sound quality in all directions. On this point, few data have been filtered, so it will be necessary to wait for the first tests to determine its quality.

In terms of connectivity, as mentioned in the introduction, it will be possible to insert a SIM card to make it a 4G access point thanks to the presence of a 4G LTE Cat6 modem, with a speed of up to 300 Mbps. “What’s the point? “: some will say. Simply for the continuity of its use, if you take it on a trip or vacation for example. Otherwise, the device naturally works in Wi-Fi with the 802.11ac standard. Below the speaker is the SIM card slot, USB port and Ethernet port.

For the moment, Huawei has not communicated on the price positioning of its Huawei AI Cube, but it is likely that the manufacturer will seek to dislodge the Amazon Echo from its leading position and that it will therefore be cheaper. For the moment, the AI Cube is not available in France, it should be marketed in France in the coming months. We can hope before Christmas…

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