How to choose your first drone?


You have decided to buy a UAV and you are wondering what points to take into account when making your purchase? Know that these small flying machines allow you to observe your environment from above, and they take beautiful aerial photos and videos. One of the most exciting and innovative drones to have emerged in recent years, a decent drone costs relatively little, so this is never the best time to take off. Whether you want to improve your drone’s performance or buy your very first model, you need to know where to start. So, to guide you, here are some points to consider.

Points to know before buying a drone

When it comes to buying drones, you don’t have to consider as many brands and models as you do when you take a new Smartphone or fitness tracker. In fact, you can classify most UAVs into two broad categories: large camera folders and smaller, lighter, camera-less ones, just like remote-controlled aircraft.

For some users, a drone is not a drone, unless it captures breathtaking images from the sky; other buyers just want to control an airborne machine and not sacrifice digital view in exchange for a lower price tag. In addition to having lower costs, the so-called more compact drones can fly indoors, so you won’t have to go out to play with them.

In addition to the size and quality of the camera, these categories are often equipped with different control systems. If you opt for a larger UAV with a camera capable of shooting in 1080p HD or higher, it will usually have a separate controller. Usually, you direct toy drones, on the other hand, through your phone.

Most beginners will be happy with a drone equipped with a standard camera or a flexible toy. Although we don’t focus too much on other categories, there are two other types of drones that are worth knowing.

Racing UAVs, oriented towards speed-conscious consumers, often come in kits with disparate parts that buyers have to assemble. Professional UAVs, used by broadcasters and filmmakers, cost several thousand dollars but offer fantastic video quality. These expensive categories of UAVs offer better specifications and speeds, but buyers need to know their drone technology seriously.

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