Gosund SP111: Small WLAN socket outlet with night light


For my tests, I’m always on the lookout for novelties. I came across the new WLAN sockets from Gosund. I had already noticed the manufacturer at the beginning of the year when I tested the Gosund SP1. The expectations for the successor model Gosund SP111 were correspondingly high. Compared to its predecessor, the adapter plug has visibly shrunk and is only slightly larger than a Schuko plug. At Amazon, the smart socket, depending on the quantity, is already available from 12.50€.

Additional cover protects against damage

The Gosund SP111 is delivered unspectacularly in a small cardboard box, which has printed the QR code for the SmartLife app in addition to the technical specifications and certifications. I find it very positive that the connector pins are protected from transport damage by an additional plastic cover. In addition to the smart socket there is a detailed installation manual in the box with additional installation aids for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. On the socket itself the technical data as well as the various test seals are printed again. For manual operation, there is also a pressure switch on the socket. The striking transparent edge shows the current switch-on state and also serves as a night light in the dark when the adapter plug is switched on.

SmartLife app: quick and easy

The SmartLife app, which is available for both IOS and Android, is required to set up the socket. If you already use smart plugs, you have probably already installed the app and can start right away. If you haven’t used the app yet, you first have to create a user account and log in. This is a prerequisite for use and will later be used to control the app with Google’s and Amazon’s language assistant. After logging in, you will be guided through the installation by an assistant, where each step is explained in detail. After a few minutes the installation is completed and the power socket can now be switched via App. A picture plug for the installation is to be found with my previous tests. If desired, you can now also group the adapter plug directly with several sockets or create scenes, routines and timers. As a nice feature the socket offers a recording of the power consumption. The app can be used to read both the current power consumption and the consumption history. Both Schuko and Euro plugs have a firm grip and do not slip out of the Gosund SP111 easily.

Hey Google, turn on Gosund

A corresponding skill or action is available for both language assistants. Thus the adapter plug can be controlled after successful activation both with Alexa and with Google Assistant on call. Personally I like Alexa better because it also allows to use routines across manufacturers. Since short Google followed and offers likewise the possibility automation by expiration to provide. The generally smart home control within the Alexa App I find substantially more pleasant why with me Alexa has at present still the nose in front.


The power consumption in standby is only 0.4W and switched on the adapter plug consumes on average 0.7W in addition to the plugged in device. This makes the Gosund SP111 very economical in comparison and leaves some of its competitors behind.


With the smart adapter plug from Gosund you get a very good small and economical WLAN socket that works perfectly up to now and which you could integrate into an existing “SmartLife” environment without any problems. As a nice feature, besides the night light function, the consumption measurement is also on board. The socket could convince directly and has secured a top position in my personal ranking.

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