Gardena joins forces with Netatmo to make your garden smart

Gardena, a company specializing in gardening, will unveil in a few days a partnership with Netatmo to offer new solutions in terms of connected gardens. We explain to you what happens.

Even the most assiduous and passionate gardeners cannot be permanently available or sometimes want to make a break. In this perspective, the connected garden represents an interesting solution with the possibility of automating certain processes. The Gardena Smart System with Netatmo Presence represents a new and very complete alternative.

The alliance of two heavyweights

Make life easier for all gardeners. This is the objective of Gardena, a company that has been offering solutions to gardeners for several decades. So, of course, it has taken the digital shift by offering connected solutions. These mainly revolve around watering systems or lawn mowing.

What concrete use is there in the case of a connected garden? It’s simple, it will allow gardeners to see in real time what’s happening in their garden but also to use the projector to see the situation at night. Compatibility was truly effective for users from the last quarter of 2017.

Gardena relies on IFTTT compatibility

The second step in the development of the Gardena Smart System is the integration of IFTTT compatibility. This platform allows connected devices to communicate with each other according to the “If this, then that” logic. In practice, this means automatically starting the mower from the moment the watering is finished. You can also imagine stopping it automatically when the lights go on, since that would indicate that someone is leaving the house. The field of possibilities becomes almost unlimited.

For the time being, Gardena’s system already allows connected gardeners to control the various devices connected remotely from a smartphone or tablet in a few clicks. It is also interesting to note that Gardena announces that further partnerships are expected to be established in the near future. While we are still at the beginning of the connected garden, the current development of the home automation house gives cause for optimism. The exterior of our homes may soon be fully automated. All that remains is to wait to discover what other synergies are possible for the connected garden of the future.

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