Data collection with farm management software

Precision farming allows farmers to maximize their yields while using as few inputs as possible (water, fertilizer, seeds, for example). By mapping fields and deploying sensors, they can begin to understand their farms in order to conserve resources and reduce environmental impacts.

Rapid population growth, changes in market demands, impoverishment of agricultural land and significant changes in weather patterns, including much more frequent extreme events – all these factors are pushing agriculture beyond its traditional boundaries into a digital age through drones, automated equipment and farm management software.

Ekylibre, a farm management software

In many cases, farmer know-how and local practices are almost irrelevant, and many producers have to adapt to changing conditions. This involves farmers finding new tricks. To be in the news, farmers must become more efficient and produce more. Making decisions based on intuition, personal experience or conjecture is no longer viable. With the use of a farm management software, the farmer is able to make the best decisions thanks to the centralization of information related to his farm in a single farming software able to manage the necessary accounting reports and properly manage your stock, your products and your purchases.

Variety selection, planting dates, water and nutrient requirements and pest and disease management are just some of the decisions producers or farmers must make. Each of these decisions is influenced by constantly changing environmental conditions and variability in the field. Plants growing on one section of the farm may grow under totally different conditions in other sections of the same farm. Making decisions based on data is therefore essential. However, taking into account all variable factors, and this is in real time, is an impossible mission for a human being. But what would you say if your Ekylibre farm management software offers you a community of farmers who share their experiences and exchange their opinions for the good of their farm.

Data Collection

Unlike other industries, data collection in agriculture is lagging behind. Many companies and researchers have developed several farm management software decision support via data collection. In recent years, data collection technologies are being developed – space data, UAVs, soil, water and plant sensors, image recognition and other technologies. These technologies can collect a large amount of data and integrate it into a single software called farm management software that can be analyzed and used for better decision making.

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