CES 2019: the main announcements of the major manufacturers


The CES version 2019 has opened its doors. The day before, the main major manufacturers gave conferences and presented new products. A compilation of the best ads.

The CES 2019 is in full swing until Saturday, January 12. This great mass of electronics and high tech is an opportunity for many manufacturers to present new products and make announcements. Smartphones are often forgotten at this show because manufacturers prefer to wait until the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to present the new products. This year 2019 will not have been a stingy year in terms of new products and presentations. We have listed for you, by manufacturer, everything you should not miss.

CES 2019: the main announcements and news

LG creates a sensation with its roll-up TV

The Korean manufacturer has unveiled an OLED TV whose screen can be rolled in its base. It looks like a classic television set. Wrapped up, it appears as a classic sound bar. Note that anintermediate position (about 1/4 unwound) allows you to have a notification display.


Samsung connects its objects to artificial intelligence

The other Korean giant, Samsung, has focused a lot of its ads on artificial intelligence and how Bixby can control the brand’s TVs and display notifications and all Samsung objects in the house. The South Korean also presented a family connected board and a domestic medical robot.

HTC: 2 announcements of virtual reality headsets

The manufacturer HTC presented a first helmet, Vive Pro Eye. It is actually a classic HTC Vive Pro with an Eye Tracking system. The Vive Cosmos was also presented. This VR headset is the first to operate under the Vive Reality System. However, little information has been given on this prototype.

nvidia-vr ces 2019

Nvidia makes graphic cards available for VR

To operate a VR headset on a PC, you need a high-performance and therefore expensive graphics card. The specialist Nvidia presented a graphics card designed for very fast and more accessible virtual reality. The manufacturer also boasted that 4 million PCs equipped with its cards are now VR compatible.


Google brags about its assistant

The search engine giant said that now 1 billion Google Assistant devices are active. An impressive figure and much higher than Amazon Alexa.


Harley Davidson unveils its electric motorcycle

The famous motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson, has just presented its very first electric motorcycle. In less than 3 seconds, it can reach 100 km/h. Range is 175 kilometers. It also has a touch screen. Its selling price will be $30,000. A radical change for the manufacturer who had accustomed us to the very special sound of his engines.

Sony disappoints with its ads

The Japanese manufacturer Sony disappointed its audience somewhat during its presentation. No real announcements were made except for a range of televisions. However, the Japanese manufacturer has been bragging at length about the sales of its flagship game console, PlayStation 4 Pro.

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