CES 2019: a first prototype of a flying taxi presented by Uber

flying taxi ces 2019

Uber expects to be able to launch his first commercial flying taxi in 2023. The VTC company took advantage of CES 2019 to present a first prototype designed by Bell Helicopter.

The flying cars are coming soon. At least in the form of a taxi drone. In any case, this is the challenge of the American company, Uber, which specializes in VTC and also has an advanced project for autonomous cars. In the long term, this flying taxi should also be totally autonomous and will be able to handle urban traffic. Uber took the opportunity of the Consumer Electronics Show to present its first prototype of a flying taxi.

A commercial use of flying taxis from 2023?

The flying taxi prototype presented by Uber at the CES is in fact a drone with 6 propellers and a futuristic look. It can accommodate up to five passengers. The helicopter specialist, Bell, designed this flying prototype. It has already started its first tests successfully and further tests are planned. Security has been taken care of. The aircraft can continue to fly without any problem even if one of the propellers of the drone were to fail.

This flying taxi is designed to be totally autonomous even if, initially, a pilot will be on board. Like a drone, the aircraft can take off and land vertically, allowing it to play with urban traffic. Uber hopes to start commercial use of his taxi drone in 2023. The VTC specialist is in a hurry because other similar competing projects are also under development.

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