Aqara door and window sensor

Aqara Window Door Sensor

The door and window is one more product from Xiaomi’s Aqara range to become HomeKit compatible thanks to the Aqara Hub.

Design and features of the Aqara door and window sensor

The Aqara door and window sensor is surprisingly small. This makes it very discreet to secure access to the house. The finish and design are meticulous. A beautiful impression of quality emerges with an elegant design all in white.

Inside the box, there are the two parts of the door and window sensor, the manual (not required, see installation section) and stickers to attach them. It is advisable to attach the largest module to the fixed part and the smallest to the sash. There is a coded pin, a small line on the side of the 2 elements so as not to make mistakes in alignment and positioning during installation.

Double-sided adhesives are extremely sticky, be sure to test the location before removing them, as once in place they are very difficult to remove.

Technical specifications

Power is supplied by a replaceable CR 1632 button cell battery. Be careful, however, it may already be partially unloaded, as there is no activation tab. The battery has therefore been working since its manufacture.

Installation of the Aqara door and window sensor

Of course, it requires the Aqara gateway to associate the contactor with the mobile app. You can also integrate them into a Jeedom home automation box, you will need the Xiaomi plug-in and the operation is perfect.

Connectivity and compatibility

With the Aqara hub (or gateway), you add your sensor first in your smartphone application. Or, if you prefer, you can use the HomeKit flashcode.

  • Uses the low-power ZigBee wireless protocol (compliant with ZigBee HA1,2 standard).
  • Thanks to the Zigbee, the detector is compatible with Jeedom, Domoticz and ZiGate home automation boxes.
  • Can be used with home automation boxes
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones with the free Aqara Home application.
    Compatibility with HomeKit and HomePod.

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