4″ Smartphone – Top 9 Comparison


There is a very wide range of Smartphones 4 inches today that it is even possible to find one that one can customize. It is certainly the search for such an accessory that pushed you to read this article. Well, we can reassure you as soon as you don’t regret it. Here you can choose from 10 top models to find a reliable, lightweight, affordable and durable smartphone.

In the High Tech company where I work, we mainly make Smartphones and tablets. Our credo is the complete satisfaction of our consumers. Not that we wanted to achieve the impossible, but we take care to detect the weaknesses of competitors to make them our strength. The 4″ Smartphones we manufacture and sell are very popular with the public. However, I have preferences for certain models in particular that here.

The best 4G 4″ smartphone

iPhone SE 64 Go

iPhone SE 64 Go – Look no further, because you have just found the 4G Smartphone that can meet all your expectations. It’s equipped with a state-of-the-art network and 64 GB of memory. This is one of the most powerful 4-inch phones. It is equipped with a double camera whose rear camera has a resolution of 12 pixels. As for the front camera, it has a Face Time with Retina Flash. If you don’t understand much, know that it will allow you to make clean and clear selfies. The innovation with this Apple phone is its fingerprint sensor. In fact, this very high quality gadget can be locked and unlocked by simply detecting your fingerprint. Also, its ID sensor makes it easy to shop from where you are without going anywhere. If you’re still not convinced, think of its iOS 10 system and its light weight of 113 grams.

            Advantages                                 Disadvantages

  • Touch ID Sensor                              Very expensive
  • 4G Network
  • High capacity
  • iOs latest generation
  • Light weight
  • Powerful camera

The Best Cheap 4″ Smartphone


Logicom LEMENT403 512 4″ Quadcore 8Go – Using this Smartphone will allow you to easily connect to the 3G network no matter where you are. In fact, it is equipped with a high-speed generator that captures all the networks that are in its spectrum of action, and especially the highest. This 120 gram gadget has a remarkable Li-Ion battery life. In conversation mode, it remains functional for 300 hours and in economy mode, it can last up to 200 days. In addition, its 4″ screen has a touch screen interface for easy operation. What is even more convenient with this Logicom device is its low price. No need to be a tycoon to acquire it, because its selling price remains accessible to all purses. However, the big disappointment with this smartphone is its very limited storage capacity (8GB).

          Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • High flow generator                         Low memory capacity
  • Good price
  • 4 inch screen
  • Superior quality

The best Samsung 4-inch smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Samsung no longer has a reputation to prove because we know how fast its devices are tearing like hotcakes on the shelves of commercial spaces. The S5 mini’s large AMOLED display offers unparalleled visibility. It has been specially designed to return an optimal display day and night. In addition, the backlight of the latter adjusts itself according to the intensity of the captured light. The darker the room, the brighter the display. The less dark it is, the less light the display is. Similarly, its network sensor is compatible with all operators. You are therefore in no way conditioned with this phone. It is true that its price is quite high, but this can be compensated with its large 16GB memory.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • Large memory                                     A little expensive
  • Large screen
  • Compatible with all telephone operators

The best 4-inch Android smartphone


Wiko Sunny – The storage capacity of this device is certainly 8 GB, but it is far from being low-end. Its 10.16 cm screen is large enough to offer very good visibility at all times. So what about his battery? It is a Li-Ion energy carrier that can do 11 days in standby. It is true that it is not one of the best devices of its generation, but it is completely reliable. Its price is a little high for its range, but it is still feasible. Note that this Wiko phone is very connected. It integrates very well the technologies Wifi and Bluetooth, without forgetting its connection Jack and its port USB 2.0. Finally, its built-in media player is very powerful to play audio and video files.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • Good visibility                                        Low memory
  • Long battery life                                     Expensive
  • Very large connectivity
  • Integrated media player

The best 4-inch Wiko smartphone


Wiko Sunset -The Wiko Sunset is a smartphone that will not disappoint you. It is equipped with a 4 inch screen which offers a good enough visibility for a person who has no eye problem. Its operating system is Android. For several years now, this system has been in vogue and therefore, its use is not foreign to most users. It is equipped with a powerful loudspeaker that transmits sound with perfect clarity. Moreover, this is not really surprising, since its entire design is of very good quality. On the other hand, its capacity is only 4 GB, which is quite low for a Smartphone of last generation. But don’t worry about its warranty, because it’s pretty high. This is actually a 2 year warranty that the manufacturer offers with the purchase of this phone. So that justifies to a certain extent the price-quality ratio of this device.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • Android operating system                   Low capacity
  • Good sound quality                             Pretty expensive
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Warranty 2 years

The best LG 4″ smartphone


LG Joy Wave – The screen of this LG phone is already very satisfying because of its size of 4 inches, but also because of its very good resolution of 800 x 480. With such features, you won’t have any trouble reading your audio files or writing your SMS. As for its memory, this is certainly not what we could hope for (4GB), but the good news is that it is expandable up to 32GB. In fact, the designer has provided a memory card slot near the SIM for this purpose. So, just in case the original capacity would not suit you, know you can actually add an expansion card. Also, let me tell you that its price-quality ratio is very unattractive. To become the owner of this technological jewel, you need a well-stocked portfolio. All in all, it is a purchase that deserves to be made, because at the end, we are not really disappointed.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • High connectivity                                    Expensive
  • Expandable memory
  • Good screen resolution

The best 4″ smartphone with long battery life


The Asus Zenfone 4 is a 120 gram jewel that fits easily in a pocket or purse. It has a very high quality manufacturing that adds to its durability and strength. With a storage capacity of 8 GB expandable to 32 GB, this device offers a wide range of interesting functions. Its biggest advantage is the autonomy of its Lithium polymer battery. It is strong enough to last several days of standby time. To reassure you this phone will not bother you at all, here are its dimensions: 1.15 cm thick, 6.14 cm wide and 12.44 cm long. But then, its price is not very convincing.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • Very high autonomy                            Bad value for money
  • Light weight
  • Space-saving
  • Large storage capacity
  • Very high quality

The best waterproof 4″ smartphone


E-L-W5 – Here is a Smartphone that you can take everywhere, even during your scuba dives. This device has been specially manufactured to withstand extreme temperature conditions and even large shocks. It is unlocked and picks up the 4G network perfectly. Its carcass is made with a very high quality plastic, which gives it a resistance to any test. With its high resolution camera, your photos will be taken in 800 pixels, offering a clear and sharp rendering. It is compatible with all wireless technologies and is 100% water proof. So don’t panic if you notice one day that your toddler has poured his water cup on your E&L W5 IP68. Needless to say, its 1GB Quad Core processor is super powerful and responsive, because it’s the opposite that would be amazing. On the other hand, what will really surprise you is the high price at which it is sold.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • 100% water proof                                Quite expensive
  • Good visibility
  • Very strong and resistant

The best Sony 4″ smartphone


Sony Xperia M – The Sony Xperia incorporates the latest connectivity technology. It connects in turn of hand to a Wifi or to another device via Bluetooth technology. So you don’t miss a thing when you choose this device. On the contrary, you have everything to gain. It is equipped with a very high resolution camera that allows you to take photos and videograms with a resolution of 5 Mp. In its 4GB internal memory, you can store a significant amount of audio and video files. This isn’t over! If from your point of view this capacity is rather minimal, know that you have the possibility of extending it with a micro SD card of 32 Gb maximum. This 100-gram device also features a powerful Li-Ion battery. Its autonomy is evaluated in days and rest assured, it will be useful to you in the long term.

         Advantages                                        Disadvantages

  • High resolution camera                       Bad value for money
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Powerful battery
  • Light weight



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