Why choose zirconia crowns?

zirconia crowns

Zirconia dental implants are nowadays prostheses that are becoming increasingly popular with patients. These prostheses are known to interact well with bone and gums, and are an excellent option for patients who want an implant that will allow them to maintain their overall health. Thus, there are several reasons why the trend of dental implants is moving in this direction.


In terms of dental prosthesis, metal-ceramic implants sometimes cause aesthetic problems. This is especially true for patients experiencing a gum recession or those with thin gums. When this type of denture is used, some patients may have a gum that tends to turn grey. This is how the zirconia crown comes out of the game. Because it is white and not metal, it does not cause side effects in most cases and allows you to enjoy a more natural appearance.

Simple design

Traditional dental implants consist of two metal parts which are joined together by a fixing screw. But, this type of prosthesis presents disadvantages, and that generally when they are subjected to an extreme pressure. Both parts tend to shift and may move slightly in this case. This anomaly can cause the formation of pockets in which bacteria can proliferate.

Zirconia dental implants are manufactured from a simple one-piece design that will eliminate this problem. These ceramic components will not change after implantation, reducing the risk of infection.


Zirconia dental implants are extremely strong and durable, and their long-term success is one of the most attractive features of the system. These dental implants have been designed to withstand high strength, and they are known for their superior strength and rigidity when pressurized. These are great qualities for a dental implant system to possess.


Many patients who choose metal-free zirconia dental implants claim that they have benefited from a shorter implantation process and greater comfort with their system. The strength of zirconia also allows for better function after surgery, so that the chances of long-term success with these dental implants are quite high.

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