Thanks to hypnosis, painless natural childbirth

Thanks to hypnosis, painless natural childbirth

The famous question that most women ask: “What if hypnosis could replace epidural?”

In any case, this is what those who have had the opportunity to practice it during childbirth boast.

To give birth to a child painlessly and in a natural way possible, isn’t that the pregnant woman’s dream? Indeed, the use of hypnosis during childbirth could satisfy their desire. No need for epidurals and other treatments to combat physical pain. Hypnoanalgesia” is the specific term hypnosis takes when it is mentioned in order to fight against pain, and indeed, against the fear of pain, attracts more and more women.

Try a new therapy to cope with the pain

Pain is not an affliction. Pain is essential, it is no more and no less part of the physiology of childbirth. Suffering is the annoying result of the “disempowerment” that society implies on mothers. Suffering evokes a certain quietism, it is the body that no longer knows what to do, it is imperity.

In the work room, hypnosis can be evoked as an anxiolytic. Pregnant mothers are no longer afraid of pain. They no longer feel emotions in a measured way when the epidural is inserted or during the caesarean section. The result is as follows: childbirth takes place more quietly.

By resorting to hypnosis childbirth preparation, women have more confidence in themselves and were better able to survive the unexpected births such as caesarean sections, epidurals and much more.

Moreover, future fathers can attend the birth room and, at the maternity ward, labour is more prompt and the period following childbirth, more peaceful.

However, hypnosis is not necessarily escape therapy. Moreover, she can also, through the application of several mental imagery exercises, grant women who so desire to remain psychically present at their delivery.

Well and truly, it will be a question of changing their conception of the situation and, therefore, of their emotions.

What are the advantages of Hypnosis sessions?

The therapy of hypnosis provides many benefits, note in this regard, increases deep relaxation, excludes fear that causes tension and pain, thus, infer the natural endorphins of your body, reduce the need to perform medical and material interventions. Hypnosis determines a certain improvement in communication with your child in-utero, strengthening the mother-child relationship, restricting labor time during childbirth, offering the partner an interesting role during birth, intensifying parents’ confidence in their abilities,

Through hypnosis, women learn breathing methods that allow them to bring their babies into the world without vehemence and without difficult pushing. It’s a whole creation of a calm, placid and beautiful birth atmosphere rather than a painful and panic-generating one.

What is more explicit and obvious is that many midwives have noticed that hypnotic deliveries determine complete relaxation, and then, more rapid expansion. The work would therefore be shorter, less stressful and, as a result, the series of layers would be less complex.

In addition, they would indeed be less event-driven deliveries, which, for this reason, generated fewer post-natal depressions.

In the end, and have you ever used hypnosis to give birth painlessly? Could this technique have been necessary? Are you considering using it in a future pregnancy?

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