Monitor your children’s temperature with a good thermometer!


A thermometer is a temperature measuring instrument that is mainly used to diagnose a health problem. Indeed, it is normally used by doctors but it is also essential to have it at home. They are generally chosen on the basis of their effectiveness and price. And we must also take into account the comfort and safety they can offer if they are used in children or babies. For information, it is a fever when the temperature indicated on the thermometer is above 38°C.

Evolution of thermometer models

There are three main types of thermometers: the mercury thermometer, the Galileo thermometer and the electronic thermometer. First of all, the mercury thermometer consists of a glass tube filled with mercury, galium, alcohol or rapeseed oil. It indicates the temperature from the graduations marked on the tube. This is the oldest method of taking temperature. Then, for the Galileo thermometer, it is an elongated container that contains liquid and glass ampoules. The temperature range is recognized from the floating bulbs. It is an unreliable method because it does not give accurate information. Finally, for the electronic thermometer, it works with a temperature sensor. It’s the latest thermometer. In addition, it gives accurate results and is equipped with other features such as storing measurements or ringing a bell. Note that there are different ways of taking temperature, namely, frontal, auricular, oral, oral, axillary and rectal.

The most effective thermometer

The infrared thermometer currently dominates the market. It has the property to give the exact temperature of the body. You can choose between the frontal mode which consists in placing the device on the forehead, the contactless mode which works remotely or the auricular mode which works on the ear. The forehead thermometer is quick and easy. It has a color-coded fever indicator. While an in-ear thermometer is reliable and accurate because it measures body temperature in a second thanks to the heat released by the eardrum. The latter is equipped with an automatic LCD screen, an audible alarm and an ergonomic handle. Noting that the infrared system is the ideal model for children. This is why they are also called baby thermometers.

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