Lymphocare – Test and review


The oil is a fatty and rather fluid substance which makes it possible to make slide the hands easily on a skin which one wishes to hydrate, or on a skin which one is massaging. If you like massages, essential oils are today the most popular in body massage. They allow easy and quick work on the skin, and have nourishing functions with different properties depending on the plant from which your oil is extracted. I would therefore like to offer you the Lymphocare massage lotion, which is made from 100% natural oils and herbs. This massage oil will not only allow you to enjoy a relaxing massage, but also to benefit from its properties made in terms of therapeutic performance. Those who have tested this oil, can no longer do without it, especially since it is also used as body milk.

Pros :

  • 100% natural oils
  • Safe product
  • Multifunction
  • Simple operation
  • Effective

Cons :

  • A little expensive
  • Unpleasant odour

Reviews : I work as an executive assistant in a reputable company, and spending all day sitting at the office sometimes gives me cramps on the night I get home. I used to bear the pain and let it go every time. But one day, I talked to one of my colleagues who advised me to buy this lymphocare massage oil. I bought it, and my colleague was not wrong to encourage me to buy it. It is a magic massage oil, which instantly relieves pain, and makes it disappear from the first application. I liked it even more because if I want, I can use it from time to time as a body lotion, it relieves several ailments at the same time. Since I tested it, I don’t do without it at all, it is a product that never misses in my closet.

100% natural oils

There are several versions of massage oil on the market, but the particularity of this lymphocare oil lies in the fact that it is made from a combination of natural oils. This makes it an oil without any side effects, which allows use without medical advice, and without any dosage or rules to follow. It is made with natural rosehip oil, olive oil, castor oil, and peanut oil to deeply moisturize your skin and nourish it for a softer and much softer touch.

In prolonged use for general skin care, these natural ingredients allow you to obtain a radiant complexion and excellent uniformity throughout your body. In addition to other natural oils, we find rose hips oil, sesame oil, castor oil, sassafras oil and eucalyptus oil. The designer of this oil wanted to avoid preservatives harmful to health such as paraben, synthetic perfumes and petroleum derivatives such as silicone and paraffin. With vegetable oils as the base ingredient, and natural oils as the active ingredient, he no longer needed to add preservatives or perfumes.

Safe product

When it comes to vegetable oil, choosing a formulated product without questionable ingredients is particularly important. Since the skin is not an impermeable barrier for any oil, everything deposited on it passes through the skin tissue and directly into the bloodstream. It is not for nothing that smokers who are in the process of quitting smoking wear nicotine patches directly on their skin. In short, when you apply an oil on the body, the skin absorbs it and this all the more as the surface on which the product is applied is important. This is the reason why the composition of a massage oil is particularly to watch. We can therefore be so proud of this lymphocare oil, eyes closed, because it is a 100% natural composition, as we said earlier. You can be sure that this oil is completely safe, and can be used for all ages, it keeps very well. With its natural flagrances of essential oils, you have enough to delight the senses.


The primary function of a massage oil is to facilitate the sliding of the hands on the skin, to allow more flexible and fluid movements, and better controlled pressures on targeted areas. Before, massage oils were not even extraordinary since they were just used to make massage easier for those who practiced it and more pleasant for those who benefited from it. Any oil could therefore be used for a body massage. But today, massage is not limited to the play of the hands, but is usefully supplemented by the effect of the active ingredients of the massage oil. Just like this lymphocare massage oil, which uses the principle of all its natural ingredients to act positively on the skin and the whole body.

Indeed, this oil is able to improve your lymphatic circulation, relax muscle spasms, and stimulate muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has first been shown that massage relieves stress and improves blood circulation, but lymphocare massage oil does not stop there. It also improves general circulation and detoxifies the body while stimulating your immune system. It is an oil of massage which can be used by everyone without exception, because even after the sport, in case of tiredness, or joint pains, it acts favorably by relieving you instantaneously of all these evils.

Simple operation

This section will certainly surprise many of you, because everyone thinks they can easily use a massage oil. But don’t be fooled, because there is a procedure to follow to better use your lymphocare massage oil, a procedure that is quite easy for positive results on the body. First of all, you should think about preparing your massage oil, because a warm oil on the body is particularly pleasant. You should therefore try to heat it by placing your bottle in hot water, or by using a simple bottle warmer. You can start your massage, and plan some tissues to clean excess oil. Then pour a small amount of lymphocare oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands and apply the oil to your body or the person to be massaged. Don’t forget to tie your massage oil at hand so you don’t have to interrupt the session, going back and forth to start again.


This lymphocare massage oil gives relaxation and relaxation to the muscles used by the massage, bringing freshness and soothing. It is a fairly effective oil, and you notice changes from the moment you start applying it to the body. It has very beneficial properties for the body, so it is a really magic oil. Whether it is to relieve a pain, or a cramp, one can immediately see a clear improvement and a change of sensation, to then see the pain disappear gradually. For results in muscles, tendons and ligaments, you will need a one-day massage only, to begin to feel all the benefits of your massage oil.

A little expensive

Not surprisingly, this lymphocare massage oil is not available to everyone. Indeed, we must believe that everyone suspected a little, that a product made only with 100% natural oils can be given so easily. Already getting all these natural oils is not a simple enough task, and it must also be very expensive. It is clear that the manufacturer wanted to offer its customers an efficient product of good quality, by introducing all these natural products. Even if it means selling your oil at a price a little above normal. We can say that this oil is a branded product, and obviously, this kind of product is not cheap.

Only, with all the benefits that this massage oil offers to the skin and the whole body, we would have liked it to be accessible to all budgets. So that everyone can benefit from it, and that at the same time it allows to sell the stock of this manufacturer, because it is the goal of any owner of a product put on sale. However, there is always a possibility for those who cannot appropriate it on the manufacturer’s site. They can find this product with certain sellers on Internet, although they are improbable and endowed with little confidence. It is therefore up to you to choose between buying an expensive product that has all its effectiveness and a product that you will get at a very low price, but that does not give you the expected result.

Unpleasant odour

When choosing a massage oil, one has chosen it first for the sweet and pleasant fragrance it can emit. Indeed, it is an important parameter of choice, given the fact that it must contribute to the relaxation of the massage, and its comfort. The odor can be light or pronounced, and depends greatly on the active ingredients that compose the preparation of your massage oil, or the importance of the dosage. Some massage oils bring a pleasant smell in the room and on the body, but unfortunately this is not the case for lymphocare massage oil.

This manufacturer used so many natural products and put no preservatives or even perfume, forgetting the aspect of smell which is just as important during the use of a massage oil. He wanted to concentrate his massage oil on the effectiveness it can have on the skin and on the body. This massage oil thus has a very strong and unpleasant smell as soon as the bottle is opened, which is a little annoying, when we imagine all the benefits that this oil is capable of providing us. It’s up to you to decide if you can skip the smell and focus only on what you will gain.

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