Is vaping cheaper than smoking?


The e cigarette has many advantages including significant financial benefits. Many vaporizers claim to have realized savings by adopting the e cigarette. Let’s find out the different reasons for this information.


According to surveys of smokers of e cigarettes and traditional tobacco, those who have been steaming for quite some time claim to have made significant financial savings compared to their previous consumption.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, steaming expenses are not monthly or daily. It is true that after having made some research on the subject one realizes that the purchase of the useful materials with a good vapor is consequent (e cigarette, cartridge, battery, e-liquid?). However these purchases are not to be renewed regularly ! It is necessarily difficult to convince the regular smoker that steaming is cheaper than cigarettes because of the initial cost of the necessary equipment. However, when the experiment is carried out, it can be directly seen that, in the long term, the e cigarette leads to greater savings.

For example, the purchase of a complete vape kit amounts to approximately 60 dollars. Since the March 1st increase, a traditional cigarette pack costs an average of 8 dollars. The long-term expenses of a traditional cigarette smoker are quickly on the rise. On the other hand, the initial expenses in purchase of e-cig kit, are lower than the total sums disbursed by a long term vaporizer.

A regular cigarette offers about 10 puffs in 5 to 10 minutes, and each package contains 20 cigarette rods. The number of puffs that can be taken continuously with the e-cigs varies. Some cartridges of e-cig allow about 200 puffs equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes. The price of electronic cigarettes varies according to the puffs.

e-liquids and replacement accessories cost less than a pack of cigarettes. These items should be purchased less often than a cigarette rod. It won’t take long for a new vaporizer to see the financial benefit of converting to e-cig. You should notice significant financial savings in one month after purchasing your e-cig kit.


Smokers who are determined to adopt the e-cig must equip themselves with an original e-cig kit and e-liquid. You must ensure that you purchase these products from a trusted supplier to ensure that you have certified, high quality products. There are many inexpensive accessories and substances available on the market. It is important to note that in addition to a bad vaporization experience, the use of these products greatly exposes smokers to significant health and safety risks.

Electronic cigarette smokers are increasingly tempted to buy low-cost kits to reduce their tobacco spending. The vaporizers who tried the low quality equipment faced various risks: overheating resulting in the explosion of the atomizer, taste of permanently burnt in mouth with each inhalation, … .

It is absolutely recommended to choose first quality equipment and products to guarantee the success of your first steaming experience. In the long term, the use of poor quality vaporizer can significantly harm the smoker’s health.

Traditional cigarettes are becoming more and more expensive. The average price of a package of pupils is 8 dollars. This rising cost is a major constraint for heavy smokers. Thus, the financial aspect represents the most important advantage of the e-cigarette. The heavy smokers who have become vaporizers today could make large savings. The purchase of e-cigarette kits is an important initial investment (about 30 – 80 dollars). This purchase will quickly pay for itself because it is a one-time purchase and the liquids are inexpensive.

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