How to promote the awakening of your baby?

How to promote the awakening of your baby

From the age of three months, your little one begins to open up to the world. His psychomotor skills are evolving. He wants to discover the environment for himself. This period is the time to stimulate the baby to increase not only his awakening, but also his development.

The role of games in awakening babies

During its early years, the baby is in a period of learning. Everything he does is aimed at learning everything he needs to know. Games are a great tool to help her learn. Indeed, thanks to these, the toddler enters into communication with the people around him.

No need to move heaven and earth to find games that suit the baby. For example, a mother can blow on her skin with tenderness. A very soft fur or a small feather to tickle delicately the various parts of the face will do the trick. This sensation will generate in him an awareness of his own body. Some had the idea of making music using wooden spoons or small plastic boxes. Others prefer the game of the “hello here I am”. The principle is simple. You just have to look at the child, hide the face with your hands, then remove them by saying “Hello here I am”. A real source of joy and awakening for babies!

Language, an essential element for the child’s development

The misconception that a baby doesn’t understand dialogue sometimes hinders parents from talking to him. On the contrary, it is strongly advised to speak close to the face of the little one. This contributes to his entry into the world of language. The “motherese” is the most appropriate mode of communication. This consists in addressing the child in a higher voice than usual. The infant fully understands this type of language. The mother or father can then tell anecdotes or read stories.

Later, more advanced language is needed to introduce vocabulary and syntax. In these conversations with the baby, don’t hesitate to say his name. It is also important to smile at him. Parents will soon notice that the baby will react to the conversation. He will smile, squirm, cry or sleep.

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