How to manage stress at work?

Mental preparation

The impact of stress on health has sometimes very serious consequences! Poor health, half-mast motivation, irritability, chaotic sleep, there are countless negative effects caused by an anxious state.

However, it is not a surprise if a majority of French people say they are stressed, after all, the rhythm of modern societies is anxiogenic in himself/herself. In other words, it is urgent and fundamental to resolve this problem. Fortunately, there are solutions that can be put in place to reduce stress on a daily basis.

But before taking this type of step, it is absolutely necessary to identify where your anxiety comes from. There are of course several possible sources. We do not all have the same sensitivity and are therefore likely to react differently depending on the situation. For example, work can cause us a lot of worry, which can be problematic. It is essential to learn to manage stress to remain effective in your job!

Work, a source of concern

The work environment is often the cause of many ills. You don’t always have a healthy relationship with your job.

We all need a job to fill the fridge and pay our bills, but that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily happy in our jobs. Quite the contrary!

Between the bitter and unpleasant boss, colleagues who are always trying to belittle you, the nature of your job, the tedious tasks and traffic jams, stress is simply everywhere!

When your job puts you in an unfavourable state, it is often a delicate situation to manage. As mentioned above, we have obligations and duties, so we are all obliged to have an income.

In this context, it is difficult to make radical decisions! Can you, overnight, write a letter of resignation? Probably not.

Although the situation seems to be blocked in the short term, there are solutions in the long term. For example, you can consider a career progression: A higher level position that interests you more and makes you less irritable.

Reaching one’s goals and evolving in one’s career are positive for our psychological health. We feel rewarded for our efforts and our actions make sense.

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