Health101: Psychological coaching


Many people find it difficult to overcome life’s difficulties. They need personalized support when they encounter a personal or professional problem. It’s psychological coaching. The use of this method is now very popular. What are its advantages? Which professional should I contact? What is the difference between coaching and therapy? The answers, see you in a minute!

Reasons to use psychological coaching

Faced with a problematic situation that has no obvious solution, the guidance and sharpened advice of an expert in psychological coaching are necessary. The latter’s intervention is also required when one wants to improve his behavior or much better cope with a change.
People also call on this expert when they need more motivation to achieve professional goals or when decisions are difficult to make. The coach provides his client with the help he really needs, so that he can face life with more confidence and serenity.

The professional to contact

When we talk about psychological coaching, we often tend to believe that it is therapy. These are two very different things. In addition, it must be specified that a coach is not a therapist unless he has a degree in psychology. But whatever his specialty, his role is limited to that of an accompanist.

Of course, there is no question of contacting any coach. You need to learn about your experiences and qualities. The ideal coach should have real psychological skills, otherwise he will simply be unable to carry out his mission.

The difference between coaching and therapy

Obviously, there is a big difference between psychological coaching and therapy. Someone undergoing therapeutic treatment is already sick. This means that he already has a behavioral disorder or mental suffering that prevents him from living normally. This is the case with depression.

On the other hand, a person who hires a coach is someone who wants to improve in life. The professional’s role is to help them through a transition period, to recognize and optimize their skills or to get through a difficult situation. Through coaching, he gains courage and self-esteem. It also becomes more creative.

The effectiveness of coaching

For those who wonder if psychological coaching can give a good result, the answer is positive. Indeed, the transformation is assured. After the accompaniment sessions, you feel more confident. As a result, we are better able to develop in life and find effective ways to achieve or even surpass our goals in life.

Of course, success depends on your willingness to change and your audacity. It must be said that surrendering to a stranger is far from being an easy task. It is necessary to forget modesty and fear and to put all one’s trust in the expert. Without a relationship of trust, the accompaniment could not give the long-awaited result.

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