Family fun in the sauna

Family sauna

A visit to the sauna is healthy and fun for most people. But the children in the sauna – is that allowed? Where should the little ones stay outside?

Sauna promotes health

If there are no health restrictions, children can be taken to the sauna. In Finland, families prefer to sweat together. Here even babies are taken to the sauna. It is customary for us to take second or third year children to the sauna. Statutory regulations do not exist. The prerequisite is, of course, that the young are healthy. Who wants to be completely sure, ask the pediatrician before the first visit to the sauna.

However, adults should be careful to follow the rules for sweating. This means that the child will not be exposed to heat too long, short and intense is better. In addition, the temperature should not be too high at the beginning

At the latest, when children in the sauna become agitated or complain of boredom, it is time for a cooling. And after two saunas should be finished. Very important: After the last sauna session, make sure that the children take enough liquid.

Visit the family sauna

Children in the sauna have their greatest pleasure in a family environment with special offers for children. Family saunas can often be recognized by the reduced price for children. It doesn’t bother anyone if the children in the sauna talk loud or in the quiet area or play with toys in the pool. With a little luck, you will also find a special sauna for children with temperatures reduced to about 60 degrees.

Regular sauna visits strengthen the immune system in children, protect against colds and are beneficial to the skin. Even with symptoms such as lack of concentration, nervousness and sleep disturbances, sauna visits have a calming effect. And for adults too, spending time with family and swimming together is a blessing.

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