Eye dryness: Natural treatment

Eye dryness-Natural treatment

Eye dryness currently affects many people, due to pollution and the use of computer equipment. It is often thought that the lack of tears is the main cause, but in reality, it is due to obstruction of the glands. This causes visual discomfort and itching and redness in the eyes. In this case, it may be necessary to wear custom glasses to protect the eye.

Manifestation of dry eyes

People with dry eyes suffer from tingling, frequent blinking and a feeling of a grain of sand in the eye. This may be due to the use of anxiolytics or Parkinson’s drugs. But pollution and smoking are now part of their main origin. Wearing custom eyewear can therefore be an excellent solution to protect against dry eyes. Conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eyelids can also be the cause, as can age and menopause. Also, the choice of treatment should depend on the origin of the syndrome. But before adopting a treatment, it is necessary to adopt a healthy and balanced life. A consultation with an ophthalmologist may also be necessary if the effects worsen.

How to treat dry eyes

There is no specific treatment for dry eyes, but what you need to do is prevent it. To do this, it is necessary to protect daily by wearing custom glasses. You should also blink more often to moisten the eye. Exposure of the eyes to hair dryer drafts and pollution is also necessary. In winter, an eye humidifier is essential. If you have an eye infection, the use of artificial tears or anti-inflammatory eye drops is recommended. Massaging the eyelids can also unclog the glands. If all these natural remedies do not work, it is possible to use specific devices to create moist heat in the eyelids. The materials that clog the glands will thus fluidify and evacuate. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can help keep your eyes healthy. To do this, foods rich in vitamin C, E, zinc and Lutein should be preferred. Prolonged exposure in front of the screen should also be avoided so as not to tire the eyes.

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