The basics to have in your shoe closet


To create a style and enhance your look, wearing jewelry, a bag or other accessories is not enough. You also need to pay attention to your shoes. Among the basics that every woman should have in her dressing room, there are the black pumps. Not only do these heels fit in many situations, but they add a feminine touch to any outfit. To guarantee their “go anywhere” character, opt for classic models rather than fancy items. These are generally only suitable for formal occasions such as weddings, seminars or galas. Ideally, buy pumps, without platforms and with heels less than 12 cm. So you’ll be comfortable all day long. As a bonus, the pumps are timeless. As a result, you can wear them for years without making fashion faux pas.

Ballerinas, practical and feminine shoes

How can you do without ballerinas when you want to be feminine without wearing stiletto heels? Cute, practical and simple, these basics can be put into everyday life. That said, to avoid making fashion faux pas, it is necessary to follow some advice. For color, for example, it is preferable to avoid the flashy style and to favor sober and classic models. Just like pumps, a pair of black ballerinas will be welcome in a girl’s dressing room. That said, you can afford a touch of fantasy for leopard-print ballerinas, with a little color or garnished with sequins. Also, remember that the material reflects the quality of a product. Women’s fashionable leather ballerinas are always better than synthetic shoes. Generally, they do not retain odors and are easier to adapt to the shape of the feet.

Stylish sneakers, essential for sports

Although convenient, ballerinas are not suitable for physical activities. Sneakers are, of course, essential for sports. That said, as a fashionista, you can’t afford to wear just any models. Choose stylish sneakers. In women’s fashion stores, you’ll find something for everyone. Some have a flower theme, some have a more masculine look and others are more basic. Whatever your choice, don’t neglect the comfort of your feet. Make sure that the shoes are perfectly at your waist or you will be embarrassed during your aerobics or cardio sessions. Finally, think about buying sneakers according to the sport you will practice. For fitness, for example, you need shoes with an upper to support your ankles.

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