Six must Have to sublimate on the beach

Six must Have to sublimate on the beach

Do you want to laze on a dream beach this summer and want to preserve your elegance and be chic? You want to look like a mermaid and create a sensation with a well chosen swimsuit and matching accessories? Here, we present a summary of advice to distinguish you on the beach with a trendy look. What are the Must-Haves of the summer season? A small zoom in this article.

The beach hat

To be elegant from head to toe on the beach, your holiday luggage must include several must-Have ! The hat is a very important accessory when the sun announces its appearance. This accessory is very important to protect yourself during tanning games. The straw hat is your best ally if you want to stay sexy on white sand. A traditional panama with natural straws and a strip of the same color as your swimsuit would be a great idea to crack in an elegant way. In the absence of a hat, try to choose the hairstyle of your hair according to the morphology of your face.

Make-up on the beach

To distinguish yourself during the summer season, it would be wise to choose a discreet make-up. You can sublimate with four simple and effective gestures. First, you have to moisturize the skin. Thereafter, it is advisable to illuminate the complexion with a thin layer of sun powder. Don’t forget a summer colored lipstick for a beautiful smile. Finally, you can shade your eyelids to give a more intensive look.


This accessory has a double objective: to allow you to protect yourself against the sun’s rays and to make yourself a beauty on the beach. Therefore, you should choose your glasses carefully according to the morphology of your face.

The swimsuit

This is the masterpiece that says it all about your style of dress and character on the beach. Therefore, it is advisable to choose this suit well according to your anatomy. Whether it’s a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, you need to choose the model that flatters and enhances your figure. To be offered this suit at the best prices, it is advisable to follow the periods of the sales. You can also find good deals online to buy your swimsuit cheaply.

The dress or the beach pareo

It is a garment that completes your elegance on the beach. Coupled with the swimsuit, it adds a chic touch to your look. You should choose a beach dress made from a fluid and light fabric such as cotton or silk. For those who prefer the pareo, make sure to tie it well.

The beach bag

It is a very important accessory in the sense that it allows to transport all the things of beach (sun cream, glasses, clothes, the telephone, the beach towel, the water bottle, the newspaper…). Therefore, the bag must be both robust and elegant. To keep it simple, try choosing a model that rhymes with your beachwear.


The summer season is very close and you want to be elegant on the beach? Try to choose the right swimsuit and beach dress. This outfit can be completed with other accessories such as sunglasses, bag and beach hat…

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