Secrets to choosing a handbag

Secrets to choosing a handbag

A handbag is both a practical and aesthetic accessory. A handbag is indeed used to complete an outfit, but also to easily transport the objects which will be useful to you in everyday life. The choice of a handbag must not only take into account its aesthetics, but also the use you will make of it. The quality of manufacture and materials of a handbag is also essential. Indeed, one buys a handbag to be able to use it for a long time. However, it is not obligatory to turn to the brands of great couturiers to have a quality bag. A few tips will help you check the quality of a handbag.

Points to check when buying a handbag

The various online shops allow you to find quality bags at low prices. Despite the fact that designer bags are a sure value in terms of design, style and quality, the bags offered by these sites are not to be neglected. It is quite possible to find a bag of good quality without having to turn to the big brands. Sammydress reviews on different blogs for example will make it easier for you to identify online stores that offer quality bags at low prices. A quality handbag can be recognized by the quality of its finish. Every little detail counts. An inspection of the various seams of the bag will make it possible to judge the quality of its assembly, but also that of the materials used. Poor quality material is easily noticed at stitches and seams. The quality of the lining is also a sign of a good quality bag. The adjustment of the lining as well as its various seams are representative of the attention paid by the manufacturer to the quality of his work. The inspection of the inside of the bag will also allow you to discover the arrangement of the various compartments and pockets: elements not to neglect with regard to the practicality of the handbag. The quality of the bag’s ornaments and accessories is also essential. Quality closures, strong and well-finished rivets and buckles will ensure both the durability of the bag and its aesthetics.

How to choose the material and color of a handbag?

The colour of a handbag should be chosen according to the composition of your dressing room. Choose a color that will match most of your outfits. Although black is tempting, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the potential of a handbag to bring a touch of color to your look. Dare to use brighter colours such as blue, red or green. If you opt for more sobriety, choose white, beige or the different brown contrasts. The material of the handbag also deserves special attention. Indeed, it not only guarantees the aesthetics of the bag, but also its durability. Choose materials and fabrics that are flexible enough. Indeed, this type of material will allow the bag to better resist deformations. This will allow it to keep its original shape for a long time. Whether you choose leather or fabric, quality is essential. As mentioned above, do not hesitate to examine the different stitches to detect weaknesses in the material or fabric of the bag.

What size handbag to choose?

The last criterion when buying a handbag is its size. This is the practical side of the handbag. Handbags of different sizes have different uses. Small bags or mini bags make it possible to travel light and not to clutter. They are more suitable for parties or big events. These small pouch bags are less suitable for everyday use because they only allow you to carry the bare minimum of items that will be useful to you on a daily basis. That is: your keys, your credit cards, your phone, a lipstick and a small mirror for example. Mini bags are usually carried by hand. Medium bags have the advantage of being versatile. Indeed, this type of bag is suitable as well to go to work as to go to big events and parties. Neither too big nor too small, medium bags can carry more than a small bag without becoming cumbersome. A medium bag will easily hold a makeup bag, an agenda and a wallet in addition to the items that a mini handbag can carry. Their versatility and practicality make medium bags the most popular handbag size. These bags can be carried by hand, under the arm or over the shoulder. Maxi bags are recommended if you plan to spend long days away from home. This type of bag will allow you to carry everything you will need when you travel or during a trip. Large bags are usually worn under the arm or over the shoulder because of their weight and larger volume.

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