How to wear makeup in summer

Each woman can choose the make-up that suits her. In summer, however, certain parameters must be taken into account so as not to fall into ridicule. The sharp heat, the hot wind and the sweat on your face don’t necessarily mix well. For those whose makeup is an indispensable beauty, it is important to know well the proper tricks for makeup during the summer. The basic rule is to combine good practice with appropriate products. A beauty make-up box that takes into account the seasons is ideal for an all-season make-up.

Three ways not to miss makeup in the sun

Indeed, many girls do not know how to choose the right colors to match their complexion and the right product for their face. And result: a too light complexion, lashes that run, dry lips, it is sure that they have not seen the good summer tuto make-up. The beauty box offers a wide choice of colors very suitable for hot and cold weather.

Preferred products

First, we must review the products used. The sun added to chemicals does not give good results. The first reflex would therefore be to choose BIO. An organic beauty box has this qualifier of purely organic and ecological make-up. Make-up foundations and eye shadows that hardly attack our skin, do not clog pores, and leave a protective veil. In short, it combines everything that all women are looking for.

How to moisturize the skin

The hydration of the skin, a practice which must be done necessarily with adapted products. Because cleaning your skin, preparing it well to face the sun and all external aggressions is a must in terms of a good make-up guide. Since the trend is in the use of organic, wipes and other aggressive materials will not be welcome. Opting for washable make-up remover cotton wool does not weaken its skin pigmentation, but on the contrary tones it. It is put to a severe test (external aggressions), hence the need for good hydration. Cream or micellar water is highly recommended for this.

The tone and brilliance

Finally, the good disposition of her makeup. No need to exaggerate on the shine, the sun and sweat will naturally make our skin shine. A matt tone will therefore be more appropriate. Thus, it is then preferable to put everything on the same time, including the lips. Note that lightness is strongly recommended to have the ideal make-up in summer.

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