How to use permanent eyebrow makeup


To have a beautiful eyebrow, everyone dreams about it. Indeed, eyebrows bring a personality trait to the face. However, it is not always easy to find a time for a moment to dress up. So for those who want perfect makeup without too much effort, perfectly drawn eyebrows, permanent makeup proves to be the best solution for them.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

We always forget to enhance the eyebrows when they contribute to reinforce your charm. The ideal make-up is often for women who are too thin eyebrows and who want to have much thicker eyebrows without them being asymmetrical or too thick. With permanent make-up, you’ll enjoy an impeccable line without whom you’ll have to write them every time you wake up. The permanent make-up of the eyebrows is obviously waterproof, so even after a bath or a swimming session, the eyebrows always remain in perfect condition. You can also opt for permanent eyebrow make-up, if you have fairly sparse eyebrows. With this technique, the lines of the eyebrow harmonize perfectly with the shape of the face, while bringing a little more depth to the look.

How does it work?

Permanent make-up must be applied by a professional and specialized beautician. Ideally, she also has knowledge of dermatology. It is important to choose the provider who will perform your permanent makeup in order to minimize the risks this could have on your health and for a perfect result.

Before setting up the permanent make-up, a test will be carried out using a make-up pencil in order to allow you to know which is the most appropriate trace for your eyebrows according to the morphology of your face and the shape of your eyes. This also helps to determine the right shade. After choosing the right color, the beautician then proceeds with the pigmentation of the eyebrows so that the hairs can be implanted one by one and the result is as natural as possible. A correction and control session must be set up after two to four weeks after the operation. A touch-up is often to be expected if the pigments have faded faster than expected. You should protect your eyebrows with a special sun cream, as sun exposure may delay healing. It is important that the professional wears gloves and uses single-use syringes.

Some points to take into account before you start

Mineral pigments minimize less the rest of the mineral pigments. Synthetics are not recommended for people with more sensitive skin.

Permanent make-up techniques are nothing like tattoos. In general, tattoo pigments tend to turn green while permanent makeup pigments do not. This allows you to enjoy a completely natural result. In addition, this pigmentation technique tends to fade over time. This make-up is definitive and touch-ups are sometimes necessary after six or one month after the first operation.

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