Bride’s beauty: Must-haves


To glow in your dress on your wedding day, an adapted beauty is essential. A luminous complexion, a harmonious make-up, a fresh manicure and a well executed hairstyle are imperative. Here are the products you need to dispose in your wedding vanity.


The essential phase before all makeup is an appropriate facial care. The idea will be to give you a perfect complexion and a radiant glow on D-Day. Yes, because it is necessary to specify it, the few days before your wedding will be very busy, especially if you participate very actively in the organization of your wedding. But in any case, stress is also an undesirable factor that can harm your beauty. So, to prevent your skin from turning around the day before or on your wedding day, remember to take good care of it. Moreover, if you get used to scrubs and masks, continue your care.

The products to have: exfoliating and purifying mask, healthy glow fluid, anti-aging night cream, eye illuminator, moisturizing lip balm.


If you’ve decided on the make-up option for your wedding, consider a discreet, sober and elegant makeup. Avoid at all costs colored make-up that does not match the refined spirit of your look. Choose soft, neutral and natural tones. So opt for a rather golden or nude pink daytime make-up, matched with a delicate line of waterproof mascaras. Don’t forget the pink blush for a healthy glow. For the lips, a glamorous lipstick as elegant as pastel pink will undoubtedly do the trick.

The products to have: liquid foundation, concealer, blush, powder, waterproof mascara and lipstick.


On one of your hands will rest the ultimate symbol of your love, the covenant, therefore, impossible not to take care of it. Especially when you’ve been chosen for the most amazing ring. Thus, to have delicate hands, it is necessary to treat them well. And the first rule to have a beautiful manicure is hydration. One to two weeks before the big day, apply a hand moisturizer as often. Also, don’t forget the magic weapon of all beautiful hands: softening gloves. Concerning the color, bet on the discretion and the sobriety. Transparent, nude, pale pink or the inevitable French manicure will be your main choices.

The products to have: exfoliating care cream, moisturizing cream, softening gloves, French manicure kit.


One of the things your guests will pay the most attention to is your hair. A perfectly structured and executed hairstyle not only delights your outfit, but also the eyes of all those people who will look at you at the entrance of the church until the end of the event. So remember to take good care of them, adding more shine. Also, so that your hair, especially your hairstyle does not let you down in the middle of the party, spray a good dose of fixators is essential. As for style, be sure to choose the model that will put you at ease all day long: bun, half bun, glamorous curls…

The products to have: hair care (shampoo, conditioner, nourishing cream), hairspray.

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