How does the abdominals make women so popular?

The visible abdominals have become the body’s obsession thanks to some female stars and social networks. Thanks to Instagram and YouTube especially!

Fashion is changing and here’s what works: crop top with ab crack

If you don’t know what an Ab-crack is, let me enlighten you. This is the hollow that lies vertically in the center of the abdominal muscles, from the sternum to the navel – but only if the abdominal muscles are extremely toned, and the shape of the musculature revealed by very low levels of body fat. If you want to see an ab crack in all its glory, go to Kendall Jenner’s Instagram page, just one example among many. However, be warned: to be able to display this shape on the beach, it will take time and carry out exercises abdo woman.


By 2018, abs are fashion’s favorite body part. The 200’s were surfing on the legs and the 90s women were all on the décolleté. But in this decade, through the spectrum of fashion, celebrity and lifestyle, attention shifted to the abdominal strap. Since then, abdominals have appeared everywhere on the podium, from Dior to Dolce to Gabbana via Versace. Even wedding dresses come on stage!

The abs have become the face of body perfectionism. We have become more sensitive to damage caused by thin, thin, muscleless, unhealthy body images. Twenty years ago, it was normal for magazines to suggest ways to get “thin legs”. That would be disapproved now, but having “tonic” abs is still an objective that the public seems to accept, as it emphasizes exercise, strength and hard work. (Attention: You can do 1000 abdominal exercises a day, the effect will only be visible if you lose the fat above your abdominals. And in 2018, abs are also the respectable way to signal sex appeal: Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian often accentuate their curves by wearing a tight skirt and a top, with a band showing their belly and abdominals. The silhouette is similar to that created by a corset cocktail dress: but instead of squeezing into a corset, the wearer must spend two hours a day in the gym and in his kitchen.


If you look in your closet, you will realize that you have a number of clothes to choose from. But how did these clothes get there? Why did you choose them?

Who decided jeans and t-shirts are “cool”? Who designs the clothes you see on sale in stores? All these questions revolve around the fashion world.

Well, it’s the same with physical culture. Today, more than ever, influencers want to put us in sport! And they’re right!

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